Saturday, January 17, 2015

Not so listless

 wall mural in Bridge Rd. Richmond, Melbourne
Making : Cushion covers

Cooking : Lots and lots of salads

Drinking : Water and iced teas

Reading: Tree of Man by Patrick White ( hard work and not loving it)

Wanting: To get my kitchen splashbacks tiled asap ( why is it so hard to get a tradie to turn up when you booked them!?)
Looking:  Relaxed
Playing: Uno

Wasting: Not much! I have been paying extra attention to using everything in my fridge and cupboards and not over stocking

Sewing: Afore mentioned cushion covers

Wishing:  I was at the beach

Enjoying: throwing stuff out - finally starting to feel a bit more room around me

Waiting: For Monday when I commence a new job! I am returning to mental health and feel super excited

Liking:  That this Summer is not so scorching

Wondering: Why there aren't better movies on TV. After all so many have been made.

Loving: Riding my bike that has laid dormant for a year

Hoping: I will lose a kilogram this week, my weekly hope since forever

Marveling: Over my new Samsung phone and how clever I am getting with it

Needing: Get my stuff together for my first day

Smelling: Fresh air. Throwing all the windows open and loving the fresh breeze flowing through my home

Wearing:  Dresses, simple and easy, I love the dress

Following: Pip at Meet me at Mikes, always

Noticing: How relaxed everyone here is these days

Knowing: That it is all good and time is too valuable to waste

Thinking:I need to try some new things out

Feeling: That I want to blog again

Opening: My kindle as much as possible

Giggling: With my kids at how lazy our dog is and loving the furry canine with relish


Bron said...

Terrific list...enjoy the last days before that new job...all the best. Xxxxx

Peaches McGinty said...

Ooooh good luck with your new job! and a very belated Happy New Year too! your list is amazing and mightily productive, I think it's a great idea (I could do with something like this instead of my unsuccessful hot head mess approach) x x x