Saturday, January 3, 2015

It my favourite time of the year!

Happy New Year!

I simply live for New Year! I adore starting a new diary, setting big meaty goals and assessing the previous year's goals to see what my hit rate was.  Most of all I love the feeling of a new year - that feeling of a clean slate, endless possibilities. That feeling of HOPE.

Hope is a central construct to, growth, healing and change. In my thinking, it is the essence of LIFE.

This year I hold so much hope. I am wracked with excitement. So many wonderful things lay ahead planned and unplanned.  So much to feel good about. I am going to fill my life this year with colour, difference, change and worth. Can't wait to get into it!!

2014 was an interesting year, some of my goals fell flat but others zoomed through! 

It was an awful year for my husband who faced big career challenges and still does. He survived the stresses and is only a little unbalanced now. Just a little!

Martha and I went to a mega concert and saw the divine Katy Perry. It was amazing, it didn't feel like a huge concert despite the size of the corwd and that wonderful woman had the room bopping around to her songs - there was so much love in the room!!! I want to adopt Katy Perry.

Christmas arrived and almost caught me off guard! Never have I been under the pump to get things done. Never!   By Christmas arvo I crashed for a big nap.  I think we might change how we do Christmas at little for next year...A roast dinner doesn't feel that speccie to me anymore despite the traditional feelings.

Soon after Christmas, I left my job at local govt. It was really hard as I ADORE my work pals soooo much. But I needed a change and wanted to get better direction. So I have taken on a new role, I will be returning to mental health with a new initiative. A lot of my pals were on leave on my last day, but I was still taken out to lunch and received a lovely card bursting with well wishes and these GORGEOUS flowers! White and green! How did they know!?

By New Years Eve, Martha and I - in fact the whole family were tired and ready to kiss 2014 goodbye!  We all made it to midnight at a friend's place. Mr G and I both chose not to drink and challenge ourselves to be social without booze - turned out most of our friends did the same! It was a great night but it was even better to hop into bed with a cup tea and good DVD at 1am. 

2015 is going to be awesome and I plan to blog blog blog, instagram and  Facebook like crazy! So see you all around soon and Happy New Year!!!


Angels have Red Hair said...

Happy New Year to you too :0)

Bron said...

Happy New year to you and the clan...don't you look great....looking forward to being bombarded by your loveliness. xx