Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Not that I am complaining!

Well let me tell you, the craziest things are happening with me!
Not only do I have all these crazy changes going on like insane weight fluctuations : I lose 3kg in a week then 3 weeks I am 5kg heavier, after retreating to the fainting couch in despair the next week I am back to being at square one.  And  spending the most of Winter sleeping like a starfish beached on top of the doona, sleeping the slumber of the damned , thankfully I have finally found an anti-depressant and a natural supplement that works. Now I have deep, wonderful heatless sleep ahhhhh. 
Oh and I don't get PMS that sends me looking for the ice pick!

But the crazy new, GOOD thing is my nails!
I have never had good strong nails. They peeled and chipped and never grew. Granted I am using a nail hardener but man! I have talons!! 
Like salon worthy nails.
I played around with a French Mani at home - but I am sooo off to the salon.

My detox is going ok - few blips : damn you Book Club and those grape loading witches! The Book Coven meets and the grape and bubbles flow along with chocolate and cheese.
We love it.
Yes we do.
We just read The Goldfinch 800ish pages. Sooooo long. Not bad though. Have you read it?
This month we are reading Tim Winton's Eyrie.

So detox back on and this week is going well. I am feeling a wee bit better.
And glamorous with my glossy long nails!

What crazy things are happening with you? Read any good books lately?

Thanks for popping in

Miss Pxx


Angels have Red Hair said...

This here is why I refuse to get on scales ... the numbers can be so random and inexplicable ... and I refuse to have my mood dictated to by a number. I prefer the "oh crap, I can't do up my pants" method ;0)

Bron said...

Glad there are some up sides to the whole thing....sounds like you are doing a great job of rolling with the punches. xxxxx