Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yes, I am really going to do it

Yessiree Bob, I am doin' it!
I am going to go on a Detox!

You see I eat well,  I  also exercise but I feel crap.  Really flat.
I know what the main cause is.

It is that my body is changing. Changing in its biggest way since puberty.  Mood swings, sleep changes, body shape change, night sweats and the menstrual cycle that I could once set my clock by has gone haywire.  Truly, put it all together and it feels like misery. Plus I am terrified I will look in the mirror and see i have transformed into an old crone!

 Yes I am talking about Menopause - Peri menopause, whatever, either way I have stepped through that "lady doorway" that comes with a whole heap of aging baggage and I hate it.  I am pretty young for it actually say the stats, but according to my mum both my Grandmothers went through very early and my mum in her late 40's.  So, according to the family tree, I am on the biological , hereditary track of correctness. I went to the GP and she confirmed it . Bwwwahhhh! I don't wanna be old!!

I have just finished my contract at work *sniff*, something else to moan about. So I am having a few weeks off before I return to the same place as a casual staff member.  So it is time to Detox!
Nope, I am not giving into this epoch of change that is so socially demeaned as old. No way.

Luckily I have a good friend who is a Natropath and lives in the real world. By that I mean she gets that it is not practical to change everything overnight, throw out food and demand a family of teens and tweens eat vegan -who would them in return overthrow my leadership and anarchy would reign! My friend also gets I need to take medications that are pharmaceutical and vital to maintaining a balanced mental health. I once went to another alternative medicine specialist and it cost me bomb, she wanted change every aspect of my lifestyle and I failed in the first week. It took me two years to bring myself to finally throw out the supplements ( now out of date) she prescribed.

So a gentle detox I shall go! 
I am starting it on Monday. 2 very noisy members of the household will be gone and I will be left with 2 ambivalent teen boys, which pretty much means I will be left to do what I want!   
I am really looking forward to this -  I have my drops and supps, have my natural bristle brush for dry skin brushing and I am going to look for ways to cut right back on the gluten.  

Oh to not feel like my name is Mrs Slugworth! Glory Be! Goodbye Chardy! Hello feeling good!

So I will see you on Monday and you can see how I start the journey with me!

Miss P xx


Rachelle said...

Totally relate, I'm 43 and in peri-menopause too. My once clockwork cycle is a big mess and I hate it. I need to give up sugar I think, easier said than done unfortunately. Apparently I'm earlier than my mum, but she can't really remember when it started so she could be wrong on that.

I'm just trying to remember that it will eventually end; I'd just rather it did it soon!

Bron said...

It certainly is a interesting time of life...I just hate others inferring that when you are out of sorts that it is all over and is not something to blame for every bad day. You will be fine and I am sure you are being clever and kind to yourself.
Will be interested in how the journey unfolds for you....I am not quite there yet although older than you :( xx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Good luck with the detox!
As for the menopause, if it's hereditary there's not much hope for an early onset for me, my mother and aunts were still having babies well into their forties.

Just Martha said...

I'm hearing you girlfriend! Genes huh? Happy detoxing. Think of those cm and joy of feeling well. I have a few tricks up my sleeve so let me know if you need any. Sx