Friday, September 19, 2014

The gift that keeps on giving

No I am not talking about something you can wrap up and hand to someone. In fact once you give it away , you will never have any idea who gets it. But rest assured  your gift will make a big a change in someones' life, maybe even save a life. Yes I am talking about giving blood.

 My husband (Mr G) has been a devout blood donor since he was 17. He has recruited many converts over the years and in fact, he gets really happy and excited about being a donor - he is like that. This week we read a shocking Face Book post from one of Mr G's oldest friends, and one of his converts. Our friend of over 25 years announced that he will no longer be able to continue being a blood donor as through blood screening - it was identified that he has blood cancer.

He also urged all his friends to continue donating blood or start.  Within hours Mr G has us booked in giving. The staff are fabulous and welcoming, it doesn't take long at all. Afterwards you get treated  with milkshakes and other goodies. Then you leave feeling super good.  So if you haven't done this, get your skates on and book in!


Bron said...

Hmmmm I have often thought about it....just never completed the thought...I shall give it another consideration x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Good on you Mr G! My brother has been donating for years and years too and was given an award for all his donations. I used to donate every 3 months, until they knocked me back because my iron levels were too low … must get back to it … I agree it does make you feel as if you are doing something good.