Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Me Day

Today I had a wonderful Monday.
I slept a wonderful deep sleep and awoke fresh.
I went for a 2.5km run and then went to my Personal Training Session ( what?! You say. "you are RUNNING" - Yup, and I will post about that later).

I came home and started to prepare for meeting a pal for coffee, that's when "it" erupted.
A cluster of cold sores.
I immediately sent a text taking a rain check for coffee.
Luck would have it, the zovirax actually was where I thought it would be!
Surely this was a sign?
I had been so good and this was my reward.
This called for some celebration whilst the magic cream did its work.
I snuggled down for a relaxing afternoon, sewing in ends of a crocheted rug I am making and sipping spicy chai.
There was a cheesy midday movie to watch (yay),  it was raining outside, but warm and safe inside.
What a wonderfully simple day. I took in every moment of it and feel so good.

How was your Monday?


Unknown said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful. My Monday has been cleaning, kids screaming and headache! Darn bank holidays! So glad you made the most of your me time and relaxed...apart from the running hehe x

Angels have Red Hair said...

I wish I could find the motivation to get up and do ANYTHING for 2.5 kms ... but the snuggling on the couch watching a cheesy movie seems to be more my speed at the moment. Oh well ... there's always next Monday.

Miss Muggins said...

Everything sounds wonderful...except for the yucky cold sores that is. Take care of yourself xx

Bron said...

Hope all is better with nice to have a day with very little planned. Xxx