Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miss M turns 10 part 2

Whew! So busy around here ! I had great plans to blog the bananas out of December but no, it hasn't happened.  December is an uber busy month for us. As you know, Miss M turned 10 and it was a blast with a Slumber Party, 6 great friends, craft, Katy Perry tunes and movies and LOTS of pizza and m and m's. I was pretty chuffed my cunning plan to get them drinking water over soft drink worked ( make anything cute looking and it appeals - Madmen know this!).

beautiful 10 year old girl

our traditional birthday selfie
Hama and fimo craft!!! A sure hit with the girls!

Birthday Cake at 9pm!!

It has been an even busier year as our middle guy finishes Primary school.  HOOOOLEY DOOOLEY how the bananas did that happen!!!! Well it has. This week he went to his Graduation Ceremony which is a sweet lovely evening to honour Primary School Years. Mr T looked pretty sharp in his new outfit from Dangerfield ( a very hip and cool shop for hipsters).  At the end of the ceremony they all grouped on stage and sang a song "I'll be there", which was very moving for all of us. A supper and disco followed and now there are 3 days left of his Primary School life, how fast time moves. 

 Of course there has  also been lots of making and baking and decorating as I said. 
I just adore these little brown paper packages!  I cut out bell shapes, stamped them up, popped a handful of Christmas lollies or Christmas peppermints and sewed them up using zig zag stitch. A crafty triumph if I do say so myself! Of course, this is not my cleverness, I spied it on Pinterest and this is my version. Gosh, there are such clever crafters out there!  I made up heaps of these to hand out to colleagues at work and for Miss M to hand out to class mates.

The teachers gifts are also ready to go off this week - remember the Crocheted jar covers that made really groovy candle holders ? Well they are off to the lovely teachers along with some cute little knitted baby pants (one teacher is expecting her first bubba) that I wrapped but forgot to photograph. Do you do that? I make so much more that never seems to make it on the blog!

Our tree is up too, and thanks to Mr G the outside looks like the Griswalds live here. This year was Miss M's turn to top the tree.

So this epic post should bring you up to speed regarding the last few weeks. I hope you are all close to full stages of Christmas organisation and you can all relax and enjoy the festivities.
Back soon to share some baking! 


Angels have Red Hair said...

Well no wonder you've had no time to blog ... You've been far too busy partying and creating gorgeous things.
My kids take turns at topping the tree too ... eldest's turn this year ... and at 16 ... surprisingly ... the novelty still hasn't worn off.

Bron said...

Such festivities...celebrations and cool kids......there must come a point where it is all too late to do any more and we just have to stop ...right???

Olivia said...

On my! You have been busy. I especially love your little bell bag! What I would give for a sewing machine and a sewing room!!! one day.
Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a safe and successful 2014.
Much Love
Liv x