Monday, November 11, 2013

Trip home

Evening peeps! I have just got in from a loooooonnnng driving weekend. On Thursday I drove to my mum's in Canberra and then Friday we drove to Sydney to farewell my mum's sister, my Aunty Bev - who passed away after a big struggle with cancer.  Later that day, after the funeral we drove back to Canberra and a few days later I drove home to Melbourne. LOTS of km's!

For all my efforts, my Mumsy spoilt me and nurtured me with food and comfort any time I was not behind the wheel. It was great. One chilly evening she tucked me up on the lounge and brought me chockies and cuppas and put on schmaltzy 1980's mini series to watch (Mum and I love watching these together and picking out all the styling issues!).  Anyway, there I was tucked up with granny square rugs all made in previous years by my Mum's Mum, my  Nanna, all except one.

This one.

This rug was started with my Nanna, my Dad's in the summer of 1976. I was 9 and Nana, my darling soul mate, was not long for this world.  Nanna sat with me on the couch in her dining room and taught me how to crochet.  It took me ages to get it really going, but thank goodness I persevered! In June the following year cancer claimed the life of my beautiful Nan. I was 10 and devastated when she died.

This rug became a labour of love. My mum understood what it meant and really encouraged every treble I stitched. It was the very first piece of independent craft I made without any supervision as Mum didn't and still doesn't know how to crochet and couldn't help, so trouble shooting was up to me. 

So here it is, all these years later my first ever granny rug is still in commission - it keeps my little Mum snuggly warm in the winter evenings. Made by her little girl and it gives her comfort and memories. How cool is that?


Just Martha said...

Busy girl. What a lovely story and how clever and determined you were at 10! No doubt this came from your lovely Nanna..

Olivia said...

What a lovely memory of the bond you shared, her life, i'm guessing, was bright and beautiful. x

Bron said...

Very cool indeed....the legacy of those we love must carry on important. xxxx

Sally said...

Out of this world cool... and a wonderful legacy to your Nana.

kgirl said...

oh, your lovely story made me well up! such precious memories for you and your Mum.
I have a very similiar blanket from my Nana, and I am still comforted to this day by snuggling up under it