Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's time for another Birthday Cake

We just had Miss M's birthday party on the weekend. We had it a little bit earlier than her actual birthday because December is such a busy month.  It was a Slumber party, Martha and 4 little girls.
The BEST party EVER!
I love 10 year old girls!
They chat and giggle and compliment each other ever so much!

They made hama bead crafts, decorated cupcakes, made fimo ombre necklaces, ate pizza, watched movies, drank water over soft drink, ate heaps of lollies, sang to Katy Perry, watched the  Katy Perry Movie, expressed their love for Katy Perry.  They painted their toenails and complimented me on how creative I was with the cake and decorations (oh I love them so). Please excuse the quality of the photos - phone camera!

This is the cake - based on the old Vintage Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book's "Lolly Shop".
Tweaked a little to meet Martha's specifications.  Pink, pink, pink! Man, for a girl that climbs the advanced indoor rock wall like a spider ( grown men have expressed their awe!) she is so bloody PINK! 
The party was sooooo simple. 
I laid out the stuff in a pretty way.
In the spirit of my "make do with the stuff I have" - surprise surprise, I found heaps of pretty party gear stashed away. So I used that, my card making stash for the decorated water bottles. My craft stash for the activities. Left me a pretty good budget to even get the pizzas delivered!
Miss M decided it was time to get her ears pierced. So Nanny provided that gift.

How grown up 10 is.



Angels have Red Hair said...

Looks like a fabulous party … mmmm … I feel like musk sticks.

Miss Muggins said...

Sounds like an awesome party. Wish I was 10 again, except for maybe the Katy Perry bit!!!!

Bron said...

Happy Birthday...what a clever mumma to put on such a lovely tailor made party. xxx

Unknown said...

That cake looks amazing…I love those old Women's Weekly party cake books!