Sunday, November 17, 2013


Two  0ne and bit months from the end of the year and I thought, hhhmm - might just check those 2013 goals. And guess what ? NONE of them have been achieved! No-oh, not one.  No sewing what so ever, I have started a rug though. But hmmmm....big short fall or not?

So what have I done? Certainly nothing on this list! The one I started out with!
  1. knit Mr G a jumper
  2. knit me a cardigan
  3. learn how to knit cables 
  4. sew 2 winter skirts
  5. sew bags
  6. sew martha a dress
  7. make aprons
  8. make candles`
  9. make over my outdoor area
  10. garden 
  11. finish the quilt I started
  12. crochet a rug 
  13. make over my kitchen
  14. reclaim a buffet
  15. go on a craft camp
  16. make lavender ice cream
  17. sew 2 tops for me
  18. use a BIG chunk of my fabric stash
  19. make all my birthday cards and have them ready and waiting
  20. make some cushion     

I did however:
1. Make a big dent in my studies
2. Get a new job - at least a second contract where I work
3. Take the kids to Bali and have a great time 
4. I am more organised this year
5.  Lunch boxes have looked even better this year - I also decided that they weren't too place to begin with.
6. Whilst I still continue to struggle with my weight, I feel good about myself and feel good about me.  That's gotta be good!
7. I have reduced my wool stash - not so my sewing stash

All in all, it has been a great year and it hasn't even finished!  Sometimes life takes a different direction from plan A, but don't underestimate plan B - it deserves acknowledgement too!


Bron said...

Lists are just a have achieved so much that wasn't on your ditch the old one and celebrate your did it get to be the end of the year so

Miss Muggins said...

Goals are surely made to be broken! So much more fun to tread a different path and then reflect back on what you have achieved along the way xx

Olivia said...

I commented on this one weeks ago, but i comment doesn't appear here?!!?!?! maybe my computer was off line…anyway…i adore those little brown bells, such a sweet idea.
I also bought some fimmo and made jewerly for Chrissy presses for the nieces (earrings etc). Do you find the yellow goes transparent when you bake it?x