Sunday, October 6, 2013

Upload your photos, you lazy girl!

And finally I did.
There was over 100 photos!

So the next few posts are going to be a hotch potch and in no way suggesting any chronological order at all!

I will start with a bit of a Purple Haze aka the AFL Grand Final.  My lot were so very excited as their beloved Fremantle Dockers footy team got the Grand Final - the first time in their 19 year history. The Dockers play in purple, and when their fan base is assembled it is known as a "PURPLE HAZE" - the crowd is a sea of  purple and very loud!

This was our Purple Party


Bron said...

wow you guys did go all out...shame they didn't get across the line.....hope the post celebration blues....purples weren't too harsh. xxx

Catherine said...

My goodness! A lot of purple! Amy would have loved's her all time favourite colour (just because a certain Justin Bieber Likes it?!!) Cx

Miss Muggins said...

Brown and gold all the way, baby!
It was a good match and were hoping for a close one!
One to watch next year!