Friday, October 18, 2013

Making do with what I have, a tale of decluttering

 You may remember I wrote a post about Spring time being time to declutter. Yes?

Well I am pleased to say it is going well and I have discarded quite a bit and have reclaimed
some space even!

But going through stuff that I didn't want to get rid of and seeing what surplus of stuff I had acquired
 got me thinking.  Why did I have so much wool unused, so many books unread,
recipes unmade, patterns not knitted, fabric not sewn? I mean this pattern of surplus even extended to my pantry. I have sooo much stuff. Which would be great if I were planning on moving underground 
for a good decade. But with no plans in the immediate future to go underground, I needed work this one out.

Because I just keep on buying before I RUN OUT! Der!

So enter Operation "Make Do"
 So I am using up old wool to make a new throw and I am reading books
that have been laying around forever.
We are currently eating out of the pantry.
I have started making Christmas gifts from the stash.
I am using things up.

 When I finish.
I will start afresh.
Form new habits.
Enjoy new space and order. 

It will feel fresh and new.

 I have also been baking like mad too! 
Banana bread instead of bought muesli bars have been most welcomed
by the crew!


Sally said...

Yes... I too am on a mission to use stuff up. Might have fallen off the wagon a little bit this week with some online cheer-me-up retail therapy... but you've brought my focus back. Time to use stuff up!!!

Bron said...

That is such a great plan....the possibilities are endless and banana bread so beats store bought stuff. xxx

Olivia said...

I decluttered my garden today. It was looking a bit too over grown, so I split up the irises and replanted them elsewhere. My body is aching after hours in the garden, but gee it feels good to get those horrid jobs done x

moose and bird said...

I do that things before I run out! Or just in case! Like you, I've been trying to be better, to use up what I have and be resourceful. It's a challenge and I love it. Happy days to you. Melinda x

kgirl said...

oooh, I *love* a good make-do and use up!

such a sense of sat-is-FACTION at the end :)

be warned, the re-start at the finish can take on EPIC proportions though - ask me how I know ;)

trixi said...

Yes I love just using up all my stash…because then I really do need to buy more..