Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let the Christmas making commence!

Whether we like or not, Christmas is almost upon us.
We are over a month into Spring and Christmas items are appearing in the shops. Eeeek!

I am happy to say that I do have some gifties already purchased and I have just completed the first "hand madies". I love to give hand made items as Teachers gifts and they never fail to please and help the budget too.  Miss M's teacher is a real greenie - and Martha adores her commitment to living a sustainable lifestyle and how she passes her positive attitude onto her students. Miss M diligently ensures she takes a "rubbish free" lunch daily and is always on the look out for items to recycle. Mrs Kane has been a huge inspiration to my daughter. 

In previous years I have made bunting - which I still enjoy see decorating classrooms, crochet covered baubles, fabric flower brooches and yoyo necklaces - all have been received with delight. This of course delights the crafter / gifter!

This year I am making candle holders from simple recycled jam / pickle jars with crocheted covers. I have seen loads around the place and pinned a few patterns.  I got this pattern off Pinterest, and here they are! With a small tea light placed inside the jar and once lit, the lacey pattern throws a lovely glow.

Used with 4ply cotton from my stash that has been laying around for at least 4 years, jars that are recycled and tea lights that work out to be about 10 cents from a huge bag purchased from IKEA years ago - this achieves an almost a neutral cost!!! Even better!  

I am going to make a heap of these for presents and some for me too. The pattern was super simple and I made both of these in one evening. Simples!


Olivia said...

Oh my, I wish I was your real life friend, even your kids teacher. These are beautiful.
One day, I plan on teaching myself to crochet x

kgirl said...

i love these! and I love the positive influence the teacher has had on your daughter! every child should have at least one teacher that reaches and inspires them that way :)

Bron said...

You are good...the bunting is a great idea..thanks something i should start now or it will be here before i know it. xxx

Miss Muggins said...

They look wonderful, and will hopefully be appreciated xx I love that you acknowledge the role good teachers can play and show your appreciation through a thoughtful gift.