Friday, October 11, 2013

A few happenings around here...

 I'll start with a little boasty, proud, look at my amazing kid, mummy moment.
This is kid #1 - he is 14.5years old and a really keen basketballer.
He is also a guy with big dreams and knowledge that he needs to fund them.
Recently, one Sunday morning he asked me could I drop him somewhere at 2pm.
Sure. Where?
I have enrolled in Referee Training. When it is finished I can ref for $15 a game pay.
I know this will require you to run me around a bit - but I would really appreciate it and 
I can earn my own pocket money.

I have friends with 18 and 19 year olds who "prefer" their kids not to get part time jobs 
and focus on their studies. These friends do EVERYTHING, fund EVERYTHING and often
feel ANGRY at their kids. Yet the situation remains.

I always planned on encouraging my kids to get part time work whilst at high school.
I think it is a good thing. I think it helps them learn about stretching themselves under pressure (life does that to you), develop their own work ethic and value their own money.

14.5 and he organises it himself! 
Very proud mummy.
Of course Mum's Taxi service has extra fares for a few more months!

 I am loving my new Turquoise Parrot whom I purchased online. I love online shopping
and do lots of my shopping online. I made a purchase with Domayne Online and 
in a few clicks spent a small fortune! I was so excited about it : Florence Broadhurst Line (ahhhh 
wetting my pants with excitement. a huge metal yellow flower for my wall and this fellow). 

Well what a disaster! 2 months and I still hadn't received my goods. 
Finally I was informed by bird and linen was in and I negotiated it to be sent to me. 
Ugh! The linen was a different pattern. So then I had to take it into the city for an exchange,
only to discover the pattern I did order was graphite and beige not white like it showed online.

I throw my hands in the air and cry UNCLE! I surrender and request a refund. 
They can't.
We actually are not the same as Domayne Online - we cannot refund you.
So  after 2.5 months later I get a refund.

I kept the bird. 
He looks good to me.
My family hate it!

Not all purchases have bee failures - although this was in a shop.
At the newsgents, I notice a box of craft mags priced at $2. 
I would usually walk past, cos we all know they are left overs from the 90's
and I am no longer interested in folk art or decoupage.

I have been looking for a pattern like this that goes up size 12 and when I 
have had luck, it has been download PDF and what I believe to be overpriced.
So I was super excited when I found one in this pile of mags for $2!!!! 
There is also about 6 other patterns I would also be keen to make.

Yeah, good buy!


Just Martha said...

Look at your gorgeous boy! I love self motivators. Miss t put on her resume as an achievement to never have had a detention. Creative. I like your ethos about part time work and time management and agree whole heartedly it is part of life so best start to manage now. The old saying " give a busy person something to do and it will get done" rings true I think. The more you have to juggle, the better you can juggle. Miss T finished work last night at 10pm and was up bright and early at 6.30 tog et ready for school with no whinging. Yay! I think I sent you a link about a baby blanket crocheted. Thought I might teach myself!

Sally said...

Oh wow. You've got good reason to be super proud of your son.

I think working a casual gig while your young is so important too - it's not just the money it is also participating in the community. Working provides an opportunity to get to know people from other areas, other age groups ... it just diversifies one's existence. A good thang!

Bron said...

What a very responsible boy you have there...all credit to your parenting too.....the bird is cute and the hassles with the other a pain I am sure. xxx

Olivia said...

Good on him! My Mr 11 went busking a few weeks ago, can't hit a note but scored himself $25 in 1/2 hr and went home a happy man.
And as for the bird, I adore him!

Catherine said...

I think a casual job is such a great thing for teens to have I will be encouraging Miss 14 to get one. I think it sets them up for their future, knowing what it means to work for a living which is invaluable. I hope he enjoys his new job and getting that first pay too:) What a shame about the sheets:( glad you could get your money back and but the bird is cute and hopefully makes things better:) xx

Miss Muggins said...

I love your turquoise parrot way too much and your son's work ethic is certainly something to be proud of xx

Miss Muggins said...

My ballerina student teaches the little 3-4 year old dancers at her studio for $15 per fortnight (1/2 hour per week) and thinks very carefully about how she wants to spend her earnings, as it so precious!