Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Making Space for the new plans


I have plans.
Things to do....things that I should get on with, wanted to do ages ago.

But I haven't done them.

So what's stopping me?
Where's the blockage?

I actually can't answer that in definitive terms.

But it is Spring.  So I will start with my immediate environment and then I might be closer to the answer.

And that means: Decluttering time!!!
House Makeover time!!!!

So here is the deal for the next few days

1. Throw out 10 books - read or have sat there unread forever. Go! They must go!

2. Throw out 5 items of apparel - I have been doing this all year, but I have been buying stuff lately and I back to square one. Oops!

3. Throw out 20 things from the kitchen - surely, it is over flowing with stuff!

4. Get rid of some toys. I mean really get rid of some toys. I hang onto them because of the memories, the cost, denial they are getting older. OMG! Isn't that what those people say on the Hoarders TV show? Yikes!

5. Garden Shed - no holds bar, 40% must go. Heck I don't even know what is in there, so obviously we need it, not.

6. Craft room - nothing is sacred! 3 bags of crafting "stuff" - like I am really going to use it all. Damn blogging! I hang onto all sorts of crap with a mind to make and it NEVER happens! Culling is required here.

7. No Op Shopping for 6 months. Nope none.

So that will start for now. Do you go nuts in Spring? Do you feel an incredible urge to reinvent and declutter? Shed the Winter dust?

If you are, a great way to get started is to sign up for the The Organised Housewife's free newsletter. Every week you get emailed a task to do, her site is full of goodies, ideas and promotions. It is a decluttering goldmine. Do check it out.



Just Martha said...

Be brave. Be strong. Stay focused.

Bron said...

Spring has that effect here in this house too.....good luck with your list and I am off to check out that link...I could do with all the help possible to stay out of the hoarders annon club. xxxxx

trixi said...

Decluttering always makes me feel great...it's like a physical and spiritual shedding at the same time!

Catherine said...

Just touching base with you again. I am doing the opposite to you. It's Autumn here so it's nesting time for me!! Decluttering will have to wait! All I want is to be surrounded by blankets and warm things!! LOL! Cx