Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Writing lists like Pip

Pip Lincoln is one of my very favourite bloggers. Pip lives in Melbourne and over the years I have followed her blog, she has progressed into a very successful author of books and blogs...She does heaps of other stuff but you can go and visit her and see for yourself what she does.

Pip is wonderful, she is bright and peppy, always positive and reading her "stuff" makes me feel good and happy and motivated too. Pip inspires me and I usually leave her blog feeling like I have just left my favourite cafe where I regularly go and the proprietors know me and generously greet and wave me off.

Thanks Pip, for always being there on a cloudy day!

This day, Pip has shared a list to write. Here is my version.

Making : Not a lot of haste, enjoying a few days off

Cooking : Very plain, high protein meals because I am desperate to lose some weight

Drinking : Water and tea

Reading: Descant for Gossips by Thea Astley (1968 vintage book)

Wanting: Desperately to lose weight

Looking: Forward to our holiday in Bali

Playing:  Oh so shameful! Candy Crush

Wasting: Time playing Candy Crush

Sewing: A silver grey top

Wishing: I can motivate myself to exercise and push through the disappointment of trying so hard this year and not achieving any results

Enjoying: Watching Madmen

Waiting: For big things to start

Liking: The next 12 months has a firm direction and plenty of security

Wondering: Why there aren't better movies on TV. After all so many have been made.

Loving: That my good friend A and I spontaneously went out last Saturday night

Hoping: I will lose a kilogram this week

Marveling: That I wake up EVERY night (morn) at 3am grrrr

 Needing: To sleep - I am so tired

Smelling: Lovely apple scented candles

Wearing:  Lots of greys - well it is a change from black!

Following: Pip at Meet me at Mikes, always

Noticing: How relaxed everyone here is these days

Knowing: That it is all good

Thinking: How hard it must be to sleeping on the streets during the harsh winter elements

Feeling: That I should be doing better stuff for my community

Bookmarking: An actual tree book

Opening: An actual tree book

Giggling: With my kids at how lazy our dog is

Feeling: Anxious to go on a holiday


Bron said...

oooh a holiday....I am sure that is a motivation in itself to lose that weight...and if not be kind to yourself it is not the end of the world....I am sure your family will still think you are gorgeous. xxx

kgirl said...

love a good list ;) thanks for sharing yours.

Pip's been doing some great work on hers too, amongst all her other stuff! Always a lovely part of my day, checking her blog.

Just Martha said...

Hmm, I did a bit of research and to wake at 3 am has something to do with your liver. Not to say that there is anything wrong with it but that it is based on emotions and associated with anger and frustration or having someone toxic in your life. What do you think of that?