Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Order in the drawer. An episode of organisation.

It was a disgrace.
Something had to be done.
But I put it off.
And off.
Until my jewellery choices were so limited due to the tangled mess.

These little organza bags, so cheap and in different sizes.
From a $2 shop.
Really did the trick.
Being transparent allows easy identification of each piece.

So it is all nice tidy.
Job well done.


Bron said...

Oh excellent idea....clever you and now so many more choices to wear. xx

Just Martha said...

Ooohhhhh those bracelets look familiar! Good job and so very innovative!

kgirl said...

fantastic idea! I'm doing this, for sure :)

Miss Muggins said...

Looking good. So much better than a tangled mess! Why is that the necklace you need to put on right now, is always the one that cannot be untangled????