Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Grey skies, calm seas

I love the beach
I truly miss not living on its edge
It is so true about the tranquility you gain from the sea

For me, it is like I am truly connected with nature and my maker.
It is where I feel and know reassurance immediately.
It is where I once again become certain that everything will be OK and that 
I have an obligation to be the best person I can be.
That life is a gift for which I must be grateful for, that there is work for me to do.

Wandering up and down the beach on a cold, winter's day
is one of my favourite things in the world.
Wandering up and down the beach with my family takes it to an even 
better level.
My heart bursts with gratitude.
All of a sudden I know my worth and the worth of living an even better life.

A trip to the beach seems to re-boot my zeal for living, it re-sets my compass.
My heart soars at the same time my anxieties settle.
My mind is clear and my eyes see freshly.

How simple is the transmission of potent messages when nature is the conduit?
No smart phones, no email 
Just natural forces of reality.

I must get to the sea side more often.
One day I will once again live by her side, but until then it 
will have to be a monthly pilgrimage.


The Kids Are All Right said...

I feel the same way about the beach as you do ... no matter the weather, it always touches me deep inside!

Gina said...

I agree with every word. I love the sea. The raw energy of the waves and knowing that nothing can stop them. No politician, no rich man, no poor man. We are all equal on the beach. A real reality check as the wind blows the cobwebs out!

Unknown said...

I know the feeling...every morning when i walk along the coast I feel as if I am being renewed ... just looking at the vastness of the ocean and breathing in the air is the most incredible experience!

Bron said...

Beautiful..I too feel that connection to the water...I am so not a summer beach girl. xxx

Taci simmons said...

I loooooove the sea also. I love summer days by the beach, but even when is grey and stormy I still love the's just my favorite place to go.