Friday, June 28, 2013

Pin the Pin, Now Make the Make....

Today is the last day of term which means that the kids go to school and pretty much do nothing and then knock of at 2.30pm.  Every so often, provided they have not missed too many days due to illness, I let my kids (one at a time) have a "mental health" day with me.  Miss M hasn't missed any school and due to my study schedule this semester and work etc, she and I haven't got much girl time in. So she stayed home and we hung out together.

Bit of dancing in the kitchen, bit of this and that, then some "making". Well, actually baking. We made some red velvet cupcakes and then found these on Pinterest, loved them so we made them.

We Pinned the Pin and Made the Make!

 What do you think? Ha Ha! Big Fail! OMG! Icing cookies is not easy! We gave up trying for daisies as ours looked like fried eggs. Well you've gotta try these thing don't you?

This is what they supposed to look like, hmmm. I need to study up on this, there must be some tricks I don't know about!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Time for Celebration!!!

Yes, it is true. Those mongrel essays are done, submitted. Done, dusted. Well at least until next semester and I think one subject will be ample. So to celebrate I am going to craft my heart out, I am going to read fiction, I am going to walk in the park and I am going to relax. Ahhhhhh. I am going to blog too! Yay!

 So I will see you tomorrow and show you all kinds of stuff that has been going on.

See you then!

Miss P

Monday, June 10, 2013