Monday, May 20, 2013

I miss craft time

Source: via Lynda on Pinterest

Oh I am so over this studying caper- I am still lurking on blogs even though I should be working on my papers- enjoying what you are all doing, desperately wanting to participate.
But I cannot.
Just not yet.
I still have two major papers to go and a plethora of small ones.
I just want to craft and blog about it.
But duty calls.
I have been a little bit crafty in the Brithday Party sense, but sadly no pictures to show.
I will be back on board in June and oh! I have lots to tell!
So please do come back then and we will have a cuppa together and chat!

yours in loveliness

 Miss Prudence xx


Sophie said...

such a pretty crochet flower you clever thing!

Bron said...

Keep hanging in there it will be over before you know it....the craft will be there when you are finished. xx

Unknown said...

I love that flower...think I might pin it to my board too...good luck with all your papers...and just think of all the amazing crafts you are going to do when you finish!!