Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pin the Pin, Now Make the Make!

So yes, this idea fell by the wayside like everything on my Blog but it is back!   And yes, I will work out how to get a Linky thing going soon - but until then we will have to Link from here. So add you comment and Link so we can see the Pin you Pinned and what your version was like!

Source: fitsugar.com via Lynda on Pinterest
I had a VERY bad chest infection recently that started in October 2012 and now, in March 2013  I am  finally infection free, the infection took THAT long to clear . Boy, it was bad and I can only think how terrible it must be to have an actual respiratory condition - being able to laugh without breaking into a hacking, wet cough is truly under rated. So during that time I tried many scripts of antibiotics, steriod medications and many, many home remedies.

 I tried this one Must say, whilst it didn't "cure" anything, I did get some relief and if i had a minor infection or just a cold, I would definitely recommend this one!

So this is the Pin I Pinned AND Made!I can't wait to see what you are pinning AND making!


Bron said...

Well I pinned the "Magic Cake"

Glad you are feeling better and were able to find something that is both healthy and natural. xxx

Miss Muggins said...

great to see you back on deck xx