Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Sunday!

I feel like I am getting my "blog groove" back on! I have started making things and taking photos of stuff again or maybe it is i just don't want to start those 4 assignments that looking me in the face. *Ponder*....not sure, but I haven't put a "Happy Sunday" post up for a long time  and at 10am in the morning we have already had HEAPS of fun and  I found my cord thingy for my camera to upload photos - so I have things to show you from waaaaay back!

So the early morning began with rainbow pancake stacks (NB no unicorn 
was harmed in the making of these pancakes)

I finally packed my Easter Bunnies Away - they are so cute, I just love looking 
at them. Bye bye bunnies, see you next Easter.

Now here is a clever bit of craft by my clever 9 year old Miss M!
We bought a heart shaped metal ring from Spotlight, dug out some pretty 
pastel scraps of fabric. Miss M cut them into small strips and then tied them onto the ring.
The result:  a gorgeous Easter decoration!
But this isn't going to be packed away, it is going into her room.

I changed my Kitchen print. For the past few years I had a copy 
of "Keep Calm and Carry On" - but let's face it, 5 years ago it was quirky, 
today every $2 dollar shop is dripping in it. 
So, even though I am now a Melbourne girl, my heart really is at home in 
Sydney.  Seeing the coat hanger daily is really wonderful.

Today I am getting on with those "PINS" so pop back in later and see 
if I achieved success or disaster! 

Happy Sunday bloggers where ever you are xxxx

Miss P


Miss Muggins said...

Happy Sunday to you too xx Love the pancakes, adore the bunnies and can't wait to see your success with the "pins" So great to be back in the groove!

Bron said...

Wow rainbow coloured pancakes....and love the heart ...well done to your miss. xxx