Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine

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Waking up, OOOOOOOOhhhhh Lordy it is soooo hard isn't it? Maybe you have been up with little one who can't settle, maybe you suffer from broken sleep, maybe you are constantly disturbed by "hot flushes" or a snorer or a mongrel dog that won't accept partying at 2am is not on every Tuesday night.....Seriously very few of us bounce out of bed and if you do, I can only say "well my chipper little friend go and check out one of my Pinterest Boards this post you will never understand!" Not really, you can stay. I hate getting up, I mean I really resent it - I LOVE sleeping and I never seem to get enough of it. However, I am Blessed each morning that I do wake up. Well for one I actually do wake up, and am being given the opportunity to live another day in this beautiful world and hopefully find one little thing to do may actually improve it. Secondly, my wonderful Mr G brings me in a coffee EVERY single morning and calls me beautiful and tells me I am loved. Pretty good start to any day really huh? Mr G travels with his job sometimes and when he does he is so very missed by us, but by me especially. One I am caffine deprived and two I feel desperate loss for this lovely ritual that has been established for many years. I cannot explain how desolate I feel in the mornings when he is not there. I am currently working with Older people, I go to their homes and conduct assessments to see what kind of home help or referrals they might need to keep living independently. I often meet broken hearted people who have lost their spouse of 60 years or so - their presentation I simply cannot explain, truly you can see that part of them has died too, they truly look lost. When I am faced with these moments, and I think about being "Mr G and I", our ritual of 21 years and our life together and the alternative then I truly know that this really is the best part of my day and how I will never take it for granted, because who knows it may disappear one day and that desolate feeling may be my "every day". So, viva la coffee with Mr G! Getting up isn't so bad. Thank you Mr G - I love you and the coffee xxx


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

That is so, so lovely..what a beautiful daily ritual.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful daily ritual to have. xx

Miss Muggins said...

This is a beautiful story xxx
Mr M always brings me a coffee in bed on the days he doesn't have to leave for work at 6.15am!