Monday, April 8, 2013

Busy busy busy little Bee!

Bloody amazing isn't it? It can be just like that - changing your behaviour. Only yesterday I was telling you that my stomach churned and my head reeled when I considered the "to do list" that had been outstanding for months. Yet here I sit typing away telling you that
1. Miss M has a new clarinet - it is like having Acker Bilk living in the back room!

 2. A whole heap of bills got paid last night (thank you internet for electronic bill paying)

3. My pansies are now peeking out at me shyly smiling from their new pots (probably very relieved that they now know they are not going to die without being planted) - and you know it was very calming knocking this job off the list

 4. The boys declined hair cuts this week. OK, so it wasn't an issue after all.

  6. I actually did make an appointment at the time of my last appointment. So again, never an issue, better still - my hair is growing faster than usual!!!

7. Easter decs packed up

 8. Craft room all spic and span

9. Study? Crap! I am still stressing, but I will get there

 There are other things too, but hey as Mr G says, eat the elephant one bite at a time. And that is all we can do. On the way through my second helping of elephant yesterday, I realised how very lucky we were, are in fact. In one day we sorted a whole heap of "first world" stress out. We sat down to a yummy dinner, that came from a fridge packed with food. We snuggled up for the evening after dinner and considered what TV shows to watch and what we would do tomorrow. I began to think, what could we do if we REALLY changed our behaviours? Move mountains? Climb huge summits - both actual and metaphorical. What beauty can I bring about via my behaviour and actions.

 Imagine the difference we could make. I am going to change a behaviour of my own, this month. It will be attached to a goal that aims at effecting change for the better. Not sure what this will be yet, but in a week I will post about it. Will you join me?Or maybe you are already doing something and you would like to share it with us all, please do!


Bron said...

Yay for you...glad today brings with it much sunshine and a clearer head for you. xxx

hester said...

Hello Lovely Miss Prudence

I loved this post! Thank you so much. Just what I needed. And I reckon changing my own behaviour is exactly what I need to have a six year old who does less yelling and talking in a cranky, impatient voice.

Just Martha said...

Clever resourceful girl!