Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day

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 It is the 25th of April, a public holiday, a day we Australians all take time out to consider the huge sacrifice that serviceman and women from Australia and New Zealand made so we can be the countries we are today. There are Dawn Services, Mr G and my kids always attend the local one as Scouts. Mr G being ex Army takes Anzac Day VERY seriously and has a deep connection with the day. I do too, in fact most Aussies do - virtually all of us has an ancestor that bravely played his or her part in war campaigns to protect the virtue of the Australian lifestyle. We remember with Pride and Gratitude. We also make these, Anzac biscuits. Made from simple ingredients of flour, golden syrup, coconut, butter and a pinch of salt or bicarb soda and rolled oats. They are yummy and they travelled well to the trenches. They can be a bit hard, perfect for dunking into a cup of tea. The diggers (soliders) in the trenches eagerly received parcels from home containing tins of these biscuits and hand knitted socks. I once read on a cooking blog from a very popular American Girl, she has made them and gave them the "big thumbs down" saying some very mean comments. Well, Miss Prudence wrote her a very strong letter back! I informed her of the background and reminded her they made in times of rationing too, I informed her of the national importance around them. I finished by saying that they were NOT cookies and she must be making them wrong and then I unsubscribed from her blog....Well, I got cross. AND she never wrote back to apologise! Hmmmph!

 We will make these today, dunk them into our cuppas and love them and think to ourselves

Lest We Forget

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kgirl said...

we were telling our kids about how Anzac biscuits came to be this week - they were really interested in rationing, and how the biscuits stayed edible for the soldiers all the way overseas.

silly American girl ;)