Sunday, April 7, 2013

Always late...

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

All my posts lately feel late. In fact I feel late with everything in my life at the moment regardless of my need to be organised.  I tallied up everything I need to do now, that is now over due and is due soon. It makes my head spin and my stomach lurch!   Where does the time go? Why does everyone want me to do so much stuff!!? For someone who is pathologically an early bird - this is killing me! It seems that everything is on zig when I am on zag!  It just makes me want to run and hide, in fact knowing all this stuff is a big fat DEMOTIVATOR .... Here is just a sample of what is going on:

I am behind in my studies. I mean really behind.

My craft room is crazy messed up, so much so it doesn't even look like the ordered little nook I like to create away in, more like dumping ground for goodness knows what!

The dog needs a hair cut.

Miss M is still waiting for us to buy her a clarinet so she can catch up on her music lessons she started three weeks ago (honestly, who sends their kid to band practice without an instrument!)

Fees have been forgotten and embarrassedly remembered almost when the next lot have been due.

I need to write two job applications and start two assignments.

The Easter decorations need packing up.

Pets need to see vets.

My pots need new seedlings and my front needs come TLC. I bought them from Bunnings and they are sitting on my deck pleading with me through the glass doors to be potted.

Boys need hair cuts and new school shoes.

We need a new washing machine.

My hair needs a cut and colour.

Miss M needs to go to the Doctor

I need to sit down with Miss M and help her with Times Tables and learn to tell the time.

The BBQ needs cleaning - seriously

Plus a gazzillion jobs that I won't even bother mentioning....I am going to try and really push myself today and see what I can knock off the list, if I have any success I will let you know! How do you get out of the "snowed under" effect?  Please share with us!



Just Martha said...

Hmmm, hefty list. Start with the cut and colour for you! Maybe kill two birds with one stone and take the dog with you. tell them it is your hirsute cousin from your husband's side. And delegate. That gorgeous man could do a few of those... Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in.... Aaah, better now?

Bron said...

Well at least you have a list...better to get it all out of your head and then you can begin crossing off one at a time...little bite sized pieces will help you keep going forward. xxx

Have a fab uncluttered timely week ahead. x

Miss Muggins said...

Oh I know how you feel, Lynda! I have a few of those on my list too (especially the cut and colour) and a good wax would not go astray ha ha. I haven't even sent off my 4 happy things swap - funny how it is supposed to make one feel happy!!! Gotta love the power of a tick on a to do list however xx