Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Sunday!

I feel like I am getting my "blog groove" back on! I have started making things and taking photos of stuff again or maybe it is i just don't want to start those 4 assignments that looking me in the face. *Ponder*....not sure, but I haven't put a "Happy Sunday" post up for a long time  and at 10am in the morning we have already had HEAPS of fun and  I found my cord thingy for my camera to upload photos - so I have things to show you from waaaaay back!

So the early morning began with rainbow pancake stacks (NB no unicorn 
was harmed in the making of these pancakes)

I finally packed my Easter Bunnies Away - they are so cute, I just love looking 
at them. Bye bye bunnies, see you next Easter.

Now here is a clever bit of craft by my clever 9 year old Miss M!
We bought a heart shaped metal ring from Spotlight, dug out some pretty 
pastel scraps of fabric. Miss M cut them into small strips and then tied them onto the ring.
The result:  a gorgeous Easter decoration!
But this isn't going to be packed away, it is going into her room.

I changed my Kitchen print. For the past few years I had a copy 
of "Keep Calm and Carry On" - but let's face it, 5 years ago it was quirky, 
today every $2 dollar shop is dripping in it. 
So, even though I am now a Melbourne girl, my heart really is at home in 
Sydney.  Seeing the coat hanger daily is really wonderful.

Today I am getting on with those "PINS" so pop back in later and see 
if I achieved success or disaster! 

Happy Sunday bloggers where ever you are xxxx

Miss P

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day

Source: via Emma on Pintere


 It is the 25th of April, a public holiday, a day we Australians all take time out to consider the huge sacrifice that serviceman and women from Australia and New Zealand made so we can be the countries we are today. There are Dawn Services, Mr G and my kids always attend the local one as Scouts. Mr G being ex Army takes Anzac Day VERY seriously and has a deep connection with the day. I do too, in fact most Aussies do - virtually all of us has an ancestor that bravely played his or her part in war campaigns to protect the virtue of the Australian lifestyle. We remember with Pride and Gratitude. We also make these, Anzac biscuits. Made from simple ingredients of flour, golden syrup, coconut, butter and a pinch of salt or bicarb soda and rolled oats. They are yummy and they travelled well to the trenches. They can be a bit hard, perfect for dunking into a cup of tea. The diggers (soliders) in the trenches eagerly received parcels from home containing tins of these biscuits and hand knitted socks. I once read on a cooking blog from a very popular American Girl, she has made them and gave them the "big thumbs down" saying some very mean comments. Well, Miss Prudence wrote her a very strong letter back! I informed her of the background and reminded her they made in times of rationing too, I informed her of the national importance around them. I finished by saying that they were NOT cookies and she must be making them wrong and then I unsubscribed from her blog....Well, I got cross. AND she never wrote back to apologise! Hmmmph!

 We will make these today, dunk them into our cuppas and love them and think to ourselves

Lest We Forget

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pin the Pin : now make the Make!

 Well, this week's Pin the Pin is going to be VERY ambitious! I am going to make 3 Pins!! OMG!
So drop by after the weekend and see how my versions went!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine

Source: via Lynda on Pinterest

Waking up, OOOOOOOOhhhhh Lordy it is soooo hard isn't it? Maybe you have been up with little one who can't settle, maybe you suffer from broken sleep, maybe you are constantly disturbed by "hot flushes" or a snorer or a mongrel dog that won't accept partying at 2am is not on every Tuesday night.....Seriously very few of us bounce out of bed and if you do, I can only say "well my chipper little friend go and check out one of my Pinterest Boards this post you will never understand!" Not really, you can stay. I hate getting up, I mean I really resent it - I LOVE sleeping and I never seem to get enough of it. However, I am Blessed each morning that I do wake up. Well for one I actually do wake up, and am being given the opportunity to live another day in this beautiful world and hopefully find one little thing to do may actually improve it. Secondly, my wonderful Mr G brings me in a coffee EVERY single morning and calls me beautiful and tells me I am loved. Pretty good start to any day really huh? Mr G travels with his job sometimes and when he does he is so very missed by us, but by me especially. One I am caffine deprived and two I feel desperate loss for this lovely ritual that has been established for many years. I cannot explain how desolate I feel in the mornings when he is not there. I am currently working with Older people, I go to their homes and conduct assessments to see what kind of home help or referrals they might need to keep living independently. I often meet broken hearted people who have lost their spouse of 60 years or so - their presentation I simply cannot explain, truly you can see that part of them has died too, they truly look lost. When I am faced with these moments, and I think about being "Mr G and I", our ritual of 21 years and our life together and the alternative then I truly know that this really is the best part of my day and how I will never take it for granted, because who knows it may disappear one day and that desolate feeling may be my "every day". So, viva la coffee with Mr G! Getting up isn't so bad. Thank you Mr G - I love you and the coffee xxx

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm sorry you have the wrong Margaret!

How crazy has the past couple of days been for me. Amongst those whose radar I am on, I am kind of known as staunch feminist. I also thought it was accepted that I am bit of a leftie given my deep commitment to social justice and my line of work. Well so I thought, however crazily enough I have had heaps of phones calls from my mates asking me how I am feeling about Margaret Thatcher dying, suggesting I must feel a great sense of loss....???  What the?! She was a Tory for God's sake!

 Now, ok I get that it was a pretty impressive achievement to become a female Prime Minister AND in a conservative party all those years ago and I must confess I don't know much about English politics, but my understanding is that she was a heartless leader that really didn't give a toss about the working classes or the poor... I heard English politician Glenda Jackson tonight on TV state she was a really awful, heartless person completely without compassion and in fact that is my recollection of her too. To be honest I never heard her ever encourage women in any form of feminist spirit ..Maybe she did and I just don't know about it and to be fair I am over here in Oz, why would I hear about it? But the long and the short of it is the Iron Lady,  just never inspired any respect from me,  I am sure her family will miss her greatly, but her passing really doesn't have any bearing on me at all.


However, that being said there is one Margaret that passed away this year that I feel VERY sad about. That is the wonderful, formidable and inspiring Margaret Whitlam, a former Prime Minister's wife, an educated and outspoken woman who really DID care about the future of Australian women. When I was younger I even had a portrait photograph framed of her on my mantle piece -I remember once being asked if that was my grandmother - oh I wished! Mrs Whitlam, RIP and thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiring me and every other Australian daughter. I promise to encourage young women like you inspired me.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pin the Pin, Now Make the Make!

So yes, this idea fell by the wayside like everything on my Blog but it is back!   And yes, I will work out how to get a Linky thing going soon - but until then we will have to Link from here. So add you comment and Link so we can see the Pin you Pinned and what your version was like!

Source: via Lynda on Pinterest
I had a VERY bad chest infection recently that started in October 2012 and now, in March 2013  I am  finally infection free, the infection took THAT long to clear . Boy, it was bad and I can only think how terrible it must be to have an actual respiratory condition - being able to laugh without breaking into a hacking, wet cough is truly under rated. So during that time I tried many scripts of antibiotics, steriod medications and many, many home remedies.

 I tried this one Must say, whilst it didn't "cure" anything, I did get some relief and if i had a minor infection or just a cold, I would definitely recommend this one!

So this is the Pin I Pinned AND Made!I can't wait to see what you are pinning AND making!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Busy busy busy little Bee!

Bloody amazing isn't it? It can be just like that - changing your behaviour. Only yesterday I was telling you that my stomach churned and my head reeled when I considered the "to do list" that had been outstanding for months. Yet here I sit typing away telling you that
1. Miss M has a new clarinet - it is like having Acker Bilk living in the back room!

 2. A whole heap of bills got paid last night (thank you internet for electronic bill paying)

3. My pansies are now peeking out at me shyly smiling from their new pots (probably very relieved that they now know they are not going to die without being planted) - and you know it was very calming knocking this job off the list

 4. The boys declined hair cuts this week. OK, so it wasn't an issue after all.

  6. I actually did make an appointment at the time of my last appointment. So again, never an issue, better still - my hair is growing faster than usual!!!

7. Easter decs packed up

 8. Craft room all spic and span

9. Study? Crap! I am still stressing, but I will get there

 There are other things too, but hey as Mr G says, eat the elephant one bite at a time. And that is all we can do. On the way through my second helping of elephant yesterday, I realised how very lucky we were, are in fact. In one day we sorted a whole heap of "first world" stress out. We sat down to a yummy dinner, that came from a fridge packed with food. We snuggled up for the evening after dinner and considered what TV shows to watch and what we would do tomorrow. I began to think, what could we do if we REALLY changed our behaviours? Move mountains? Climb huge summits - both actual and metaphorical. What beauty can I bring about via my behaviour and actions.

 Imagine the difference we could make. I am going to change a behaviour of my own, this month. It will be attached to a goal that aims at effecting change for the better. Not sure what this will be yet, but in a week I will post about it. Will you join me?Or maybe you are already doing something and you would like to share it with us all, please do!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Always late...

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

All my posts lately feel late. In fact I feel late with everything in my life at the moment regardless of my need to be organised.  I tallied up everything I need to do now, that is now over due and is due soon. It makes my head spin and my stomach lurch!   Where does the time go? Why does everyone want me to do so much stuff!!? For someone who is pathologically an early bird - this is killing me! It seems that everything is on zig when I am on zag!  It just makes me want to run and hide, in fact knowing all this stuff is a big fat DEMOTIVATOR .... Here is just a sample of what is going on:

I am behind in my studies. I mean really behind.

My craft room is crazy messed up, so much so it doesn't even look like the ordered little nook I like to create away in, more like dumping ground for goodness knows what!

The dog needs a hair cut.

Miss M is still waiting for us to buy her a clarinet so she can catch up on her music lessons she started three weeks ago (honestly, who sends their kid to band practice without an instrument!)

Fees have been forgotten and embarrassedly remembered almost when the next lot have been due.

I need to write two job applications and start two assignments.

The Easter decorations need packing up.

Pets need to see vets.

My pots need new seedlings and my front needs come TLC. I bought them from Bunnings and they are sitting on my deck pleading with me through the glass doors to be potted.

Boys need hair cuts and new school shoes.

We need a new washing machine.

My hair needs a cut and colour.

Miss M needs to go to the Doctor

I need to sit down with Miss M and help her with Times Tables and learn to tell the time.

The BBQ needs cleaning - seriously

Plus a gazzillion jobs that I won't even bother mentioning....I am going to try and really push myself today and see what I can knock off the list, if I have any success I will let you know! How do you get out of the "snowed under" effect?  Please share with us!