Friday, March 15, 2013

Finding new love in old things

Lately I have found new love in old things.
Like using curlers and "setting" my hair. I get the BEST bounce in my hair and 
it's fun swaning around the house like a 1960's lady. I feel just like my Mum!

I have been using my old "Bridcage" handbag this summer.
I used to have one of the when I was 13. My older cousin gave it 
to me and I felt sooooo glamorous!

I has been a lovely accessory to summer outfits this year and received lots of compliments.

What new love have you found lately in old things?


Bron said...

I think the curlers are a cool look just don't try sleeping in them...I can still remember the pain they caused to get the curl look. xxxx

Actually Amy said...

Love the curlers! I can never get them in properly. My Mum never used them, but my Grandmother did and still does, I think I might have to get her to give me a lesson the next time we see each other.