Friday, March 15, 2013

Finding new love in old things

Lately I have found new love in old things.
Like using curlers and "setting" my hair. I get the BEST bounce in my hair and 
it's fun swaning around the house like a 1960's lady. I feel just like my Mum!

I have been using my old "Bridcage" handbag this summer.
I used to have one of the when I was 13. My older cousin gave it 
to me and I felt sooooo glamorous!

I has been a lovely accessory to summer outfits this year and received lots of compliments.

What new love have you found lately in old things?

Monday, March 4, 2013

About time

Well finally I am back on the blog from my biggest Blogging break ever. Thank you to all my lovely Bloggy friends who contacted me directly to see if all was well, including family complaining that they want to see "what's going  on" given that they don't live around the corner but scattered across this vast country or in fact the globe, they enjoy the posts that give them a snap shot into our daily lives. The truth is that all IS well, it is that I just haven't had any "oomf"about blogging, no ideas, no making, no baking. I have been lurking around though, looking at you all via your wonderful and clever makes and takes on this wonderful world we live in. Thank you all for being so generous of what you share in this weird space that we have built a community in.

No no, I have not been depressed, sitting  in the corner, shunning all and sundry.  I have been out and about soaking up the wonderful Summertime!  What a Summer it ha been! So hot, so laaaaaaazzzzzy.  Down here in Victoria, we have spent time in Torquay, Aireys Inlet and Phillip Island - wonderful, clean, vast sandy beaches. We even spent a mini holiday with my Sister and her family from Canberra. It was great to spend a few day just hanging out and watching our kids (who don't see a great deal of each other) play and get to know each other better.

Soaking up sun at the beach

The beach was utterly irresistible this summer as the Mercury hit highs all season long, and still is. Every opportunity we got, we jumped in our car and drove the 2 hours to a beach!  Sometimes for the day, sometimes for a few days where we rented out holiday houses.

At Aireys' Inlet we stayed with some friends and got to visit a very Famous lighthouse Those in Australia will be acquainted with the ABC children's television series "Going around the Twist" which is about a fmaily that live in a lighthouse, in a coastal town where very wacky and magical things happen. I am pleased to say we didn't go "around the twist".

Miss M going around the twist!

On the making front - well it has been a little quite. I have started a rug for a friend's grand baby (I can't belive my some of school friend's are actually becoming Nana"s!). It's been a great summer, checking out parks and gardens' in our lovely city of Melbourne. So perfect on a hot day, lolling around on green grass, feeding swans, and wandering in and out of dappled, shady corridors of old vegetation. Fabulous.

the guys hamming it up, determining which direction to take
So I guess that is me, back to blogging. March and Autumn here and lots to do. I guess I am back, I will try to blog more consistently this year, promise!

Miss P xx