Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pin the Pin, now make the make!

Well hello lovely bloggers and welcome to my first proper post of 2013.  I have been considering what direction my blog should take this year, after all I have pretty much stayed the same since I started blogging waaaaaay back then.  In fact I was having a little chat with my dear pal Miss Muggins about this and you know what? Miss Muggins was pondering the same notion too! 

Well, Miss Muggins who has been around the bloggersphere a long while too, and I brainstormed a few ideas and are currently hatching some fun things we can all have some fun with - we do hope you will join us!  I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet, but a few fun things will be rolled out in the coming months but in the meantime I want to throw you a challenge! 

First, I must ask you are you madly pinning away on your Pintrest boards?  Yes? Me too! In fact one board, my "I wanna make it" board is beginning to groan under the weight of fabulous ideas! The other day I had   to ask myself "Miss Prudence, when love are you EVER going to make something!".

Soooooo, here is the challenge! Each week we will make at least ONE idea we have Pinned.It can be a Pin of your choice or you can join me with my Pin. Embed the Pin you are going to trial on your blog, then later that week blog your version of the Pin ! Productive huh?  I will get busy and try and get my poor little luddite head around setting up a Mr Linky for next week, but until then, just leave a comment on my blog with your link so we can all follow you up and see what you have made! 

So without further ado, here is my Pin for the is a pretty easy idea but ever so clever!


Bron said...

great idea...always a goal of mine to do more and bookmark/pin less. Now where does Meg keep all her nail polish? xx

Miss Muggins said...

Oh WOW, how exciting, it is all happening! I love the ideas, the plans and now the action! Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us!
I have so many pins that I want to see come to life too!

Miss Muggins said...

here is my very first response to the challenge -

Will reveal the finished project tomorrow too!

Catherine said...

Cool I love this idea it's easy to get carried away the pinning and bookmarking and not actually get around to the making. I look forward to seeing what other cool things you'll be creating:) Happy New Year lovely.x

Penelope said...

Hi Miss Prudence
I'm Penelope over at L is for Love blog and I'm not sure if you have seen Lisa's post yet but she has paired us up for her four happy things swap which is going to be good fun! I'm going to have a nosey around your blog now to start getting some ideas x Penelope

Penelope said...

Hi there
I'm Penelope and it's good to "meet" you on your lovely blog. Lisa from BoBo Bun has partnered us up for her fun Four Happy Things swap. I thought I'd just pop in and have a little look round your blog to get some ideas for our swap. Look forward to gathering and making something for you xox Penelope

Miss Muggins said...

Now Miss Prudence, what is going on? I see you have been doing lots of pinning, but not any making!!!!