Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013!! Oh I am so excited and pumped about this year!! 2013 is going to be HUGE!!!  Are you planning a big year?

I am setting some BIG goals in my sights this year and I thought I might share them here on my blog, well where else would I share them!

I have set goals around various life directions and of course crafting rates highly!

Health and Fitness   2012 saw me butt out for good and on May 31st I will  clock up 12 months being a non smoker. So the next challenge is to reduce my size by 20%. I have already commenced with a Personal Trainer and the results have started to come in!  So big area here!

Family  I want us to have some adventures! I have a few things planned for my eldest boy and me but I want us all to make some good memories and have new shared experiences. I am also planning on getting some family photos done. 

Career Well it is back to the books this year. I plan to knock of at least 4 subjects from my Grad Dip in Alcohol and Other Drugs Studies.  My contract at a local council will end in August so I will need to find another job too!

Community  I like to do something each year that is civic minded - I have been involved with a community group called Citizen Advocacy for many years but this year I plan to raise funds for this group. I plan to raise enough for 10 swags!

Meals / Food 
I totally need to renew my efforts here.  I am going to set some goals around getting better variety of meals on the table and be organised on work days.  I want to change the way I view meal prep and have it stop being such a chore. I am going to try new things and maybe some exotic things too!

Lunch boxes : Lunch boxes for all! Healthy and variety and everyday! That's the goal.

Buy less and make more: I actually have never really set this as a goal - but 2013 sees me jumping on this bus! Buy locally, make more, give meaningfully.

Socially and Culturally: I plan to go to see more plays this year and at least 5 movies. I will read 4 books of one of those "must read" lists and attend a big glitzy, ritzy night! 

Now this brings to crafting and my home the list will be long my friends!

  1. knit Mr G a jumper
  2. knit me a cardigan
  3. learn how to knit cables 
  4. sew 2 winter skirts
  5. sew bags
  6. sew martha a dress
  7. make aprons
  8. make candles`
  9. make over my outdoor area
  10. garden 
  11. finish the quilt I started
  12. crochet a rug 
  13. make over my kitchen
  14. reclaim a buffet
  15. go on a craft camp
  16. make lavender ice cream
  17. sew 2 tops for me
  18. use a BIG chunk of my fabric stash
  19. make all my birthday cards and have them ready and waiting
  20. make some cushions


Bron said...

Wow you go for it...nothing like writing them down to stare you back in the face for is going to be a huge year for you I can see. xxxxx

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Some great goals there...I too plan to make a big dent in my stash of fabrics (well, I'll try but sometimes a girl just has to get a new metre or two ;-)) x

trixi said...

happy new year...looks like you have an exciting year ahead!!

Trexxann said...

Very awesome!! I wish I could be as half as motivated as you - sounds like you have an exciting year planned! :)

kgirl said...

that's a great list of goals!

congrats on the quitting, too - great work on a tough challenge :)

Miss Muggins said...

Great list! Maybe you could share this over at Pip's place!
I think a few of those goals just may be on my list too xx

becclebee said...

wow, what a big long list of goals! I am impressed. Here's to making them happen in 2013!