Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And so that was Christmas

Well the event has now come and gone, the trappings have been well and truly consumed or recycled!
 The New Year is here and i am feeling so very enthusiastic about 2013. After all 2012 was FABULOUS!

Before I get into the "2013" posts, I thought I might share some pics of our Christmas, I hope you all had a truly enjoyable Christmas time.

Mustardy Potatoes - I promise to share this recipe with you soon, so YUM!

Keeping the veggies simple - 

Ladybugs in the fridge! 

Holly and roses for the best centrepiece

One of the loveliest apsects of Christmas for me is setting a beautiful table

Tinsel mistletoe! Viva the 70's Christmas decorating style!

Polka dotted hostess apron!

My lovely mum and me


Bron said...

Happy New Year...looks like Christmas went off with lots of lovely food and lots of fun. xxx

CurlyPops said...

Looks lovely! Eye spy bacon in those mustardy potatoes. Looking forward to the recipe

TACIStudio said...

Your Christmas looked wonderful!
Happy New Years to You!