Sunday, December 22, 2013

A very Merry Christmas, to you...

Well here we are, a few days away from Christmas day.

School has finished, assemblies attended. Sports all wrapped up for the year. All parenting duties done, pressies bought, supplies in cupboards - phew! Who said we would never get there?   Are the few days leading up to Christmas not the busiest and hardest?  I think so. But I think there is a BIG pay off for it. If I am super organised by the two days before Christmas Eve, I can really join in the festivities of the Yule tide and do so with ENERGY!

We won't be having any visitors this year, just my brood. We will still have all the trimmings and hopefully it will be warm on Boxing Day so we can hang out in the backyard and feast on left overs. Bliss!

More importantly, Christmas is the time of year that heralds the end of year, it calls for goodwill and peace to all. In the next few days I will drop off a few hampers and make a few donations. Not much really of an effort in the scheme of things but at this stage it is the best I can do. I will pray for those in the Philippines and those in war zones such as Syria and other countries we hear nothing of, for their safety and care. I will pray that those who seek asylum into this country and are being held in inhumane conditions hold their hope fast and remain healthy in mind and faith - it is truly all they have at the moment until the government of this country begins to behave in a more decent manner, one that reflects the true values of Australian society.  I will also pray that all road users arrive at their destinations in one piece - road fatalities are so pointless and heart breaking.  I will think of those who do not have family and are alone or perhaps even unwanted - next year as my kids are bigger I hope I might be able to participate in a charity lunch for such folk.  Christmas it gives me so much to think about.

So I will celebrate the birthday of Jesus, by reflecting on the year, being grateful for all I have, for all I see, for the safety my family and I enjoy and I will share what I can.

So to you dear blogger's, thank you for all your support and being part of my life. May you and your families enjoy a truly beautiful and safe Christmas. See you all after the festivities. 

Much love

Miss Prudence xxx



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miss M turns 10 part 2

Whew! So busy around here ! I had great plans to blog the bananas out of December but no, it hasn't happened.  December is an uber busy month for us. As you know, Miss M turned 10 and it was a blast with a Slumber Party, 6 great friends, craft, Katy Perry tunes and movies and LOTS of pizza and m and m's. I was pretty chuffed my cunning plan to get them drinking water over soft drink worked ( make anything cute looking and it appeals - Madmen know this!).

beautiful 10 year old girl

our traditional birthday selfie
Hama and fimo craft!!! A sure hit with the girls!

Birthday Cake at 9pm!!

It has been an even busier year as our middle guy finishes Primary school.  HOOOOLEY DOOOLEY how the bananas did that happen!!!! Well it has. This week he went to his Graduation Ceremony which is a sweet lovely evening to honour Primary School Years. Mr T looked pretty sharp in his new outfit from Dangerfield ( a very hip and cool shop for hipsters).  At the end of the ceremony they all grouped on stage and sang a song "I'll be there", which was very moving for all of us. A supper and disco followed and now there are 3 days left of his Primary School life, how fast time moves. 

 Of course there has  also been lots of making and baking and decorating as I said. 
I just adore these little brown paper packages!  I cut out bell shapes, stamped them up, popped a handful of Christmas lollies or Christmas peppermints and sewed them up using zig zag stitch. A crafty triumph if I do say so myself! Of course, this is not my cleverness, I spied it on Pinterest and this is my version. Gosh, there are such clever crafters out there!  I made up heaps of these to hand out to colleagues at work and for Miss M to hand out to class mates.

The teachers gifts are also ready to go off this week - remember the Crocheted jar covers that made really groovy candle holders ? Well they are off to the lovely teachers along with some cute little knitted baby pants (one teacher is expecting her first bubba) that I wrapped but forgot to photograph. Do you do that? I make so much more that never seems to make it on the blog!

Our tree is up too, and thanks to Mr G the outside looks like the Griswalds live here. This year was Miss M's turn to top the tree.

So this epic post should bring you up to speed regarding the last few weeks. I hope you are all close to full stages of Christmas organisation and you can all relax and enjoy the festivities.
Back soon to share some baking! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's time for another Birthday Cake

We just had Miss M's birthday party on the weekend. We had it a little bit earlier than her actual birthday because December is such a busy month.  It was a Slumber party, Martha and 4 little girls.
The BEST party EVER!
I love 10 year old girls!
They chat and giggle and compliment each other ever so much!

They made hama bead crafts, decorated cupcakes, made fimo ombre necklaces, ate pizza, watched movies, drank water over soft drink, ate heaps of lollies, sang to Katy Perry, watched the  Katy Perry Movie, expressed their love for Katy Perry.  They painted their toenails and complimented me on how creative I was with the cake and decorations (oh I love them so). Please excuse the quality of the photos - phone camera!

This is the cake - based on the old Vintage Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book's "Lolly Shop".
Tweaked a little to meet Martha's specifications.  Pink, pink, pink! Man, for a girl that climbs the advanced indoor rock wall like a spider ( grown men have expressed their awe!) she is so bloody PINK! 
The party was sooooo simple. 
I laid out the stuff in a pretty way.
In the spirit of my "make do with the stuff I have" - surprise surprise, I found heaps of pretty party gear stashed away. So I used that, my card making stash for the decorated water bottles. My craft stash for the activities. Left me a pretty good budget to even get the pizzas delivered!
Miss M decided it was time to get her ears pierced. So Nanny provided that gift.

How grown up 10 is.


Sunday, November 17, 2013


Two  0ne and bit months from the end of the year and I thought, hhhmm - might just check those 2013 goals. And guess what ? NONE of them have been achieved! No-oh, not one.  No sewing what so ever, I have started a rug though. But hmmmm....big short fall or not?

So what have I done? Certainly nothing on this list! The one I started out with!
  1. knit Mr G a jumper
  2. knit me a cardigan
  3. learn how to knit cables 
  4. sew 2 winter skirts
  5. sew bags
  6. sew martha a dress
  7. make aprons
  8. make candles`
  9. make over my outdoor area
  10. garden 
  11. finish the quilt I started
  12. crochet a rug 
  13. make over my kitchen
  14. reclaim a buffet
  15. go on a craft camp
  16. make lavender ice cream
  17. sew 2 tops for me
  18. use a BIG chunk of my fabric stash
  19. make all my birthday cards and have them ready and waiting
  20. make some cushion     

I did however:
1. Make a big dent in my studies
2. Get a new job - at least a second contract where I work
3. Take the kids to Bali and have a great time 
4. I am more organised this year
5.  Lunch boxes have looked even better this year - I also decided that they weren't too place to begin with.
6. Whilst I still continue to struggle with my weight, I feel good about myself and feel good about me.  That's gotta be good!
7. I have reduced my wool stash - not so my sewing stash

All in all, it has been a great year and it hasn't even finished!  Sometimes life takes a different direction from plan A, but don't underestimate plan B - it deserves acknowledgement too!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Trip home

Evening peeps! I have just got in from a loooooonnnng driving weekend. On Thursday I drove to my mum's in Canberra and then Friday we drove to Sydney to farewell my mum's sister, my Aunty Bev - who passed away after a big struggle with cancer.  Later that day, after the funeral we drove back to Canberra and a few days later I drove home to Melbourne. LOTS of km's!

For all my efforts, my Mumsy spoilt me and nurtured me with food and comfort any time I was not behind the wheel. It was great. One chilly evening she tucked me up on the lounge and brought me chockies and cuppas and put on schmaltzy 1980's mini series to watch (Mum and I love watching these together and picking out all the styling issues!).  Anyway, there I was tucked up with granny square rugs all made in previous years by my Mum's Mum, my  Nanna, all except one.

This one.

This rug was started with my Nanna, my Dad's in the summer of 1976. I was 9 and Nana, my darling soul mate, was not long for this world.  Nanna sat with me on the couch in her dining room and taught me how to crochet.  It took me ages to get it really going, but thank goodness I persevered! In June the following year cancer claimed the life of my beautiful Nan. I was 10 and devastated when she died.

This rug became a labour of love. My mum understood what it meant and really encouraged every treble I stitched. It was the very first piece of independent craft I made without any supervision as Mum didn't and still doesn't know how to crochet and couldn't help, so trouble shooting was up to me. 

So here it is, all these years later my first ever granny rug is still in commission - it keeps my little Mum snuggly warm in the winter evenings. Made by her little girl and it gives her comfort and memories. How cool is that?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Making do with what I have, a tale of decluttering

 You may remember I wrote a post about Spring time being time to declutter. Yes?

Well I am pleased to say it is going well and I have discarded quite a bit and have reclaimed
some space even!

But going through stuff that I didn't want to get rid of and seeing what surplus of stuff I had acquired
 got me thinking.  Why did I have so much wool unused, so many books unread,
recipes unmade, patterns not knitted, fabric not sewn? I mean this pattern of surplus even extended to my pantry. I have sooo much stuff. Which would be great if I were planning on moving underground 
for a good decade. But with no plans in the immediate future to go underground, I needed work this one out.

Because I just keep on buying before I RUN OUT! Der!

So enter Operation "Make Do"
 So I am using up old wool to make a new throw and I am reading books
that have been laying around forever.
We are currently eating out of the pantry.
I have started making Christmas gifts from the stash.
I am using things up.

 When I finish.
I will start afresh.
Form new habits.
Enjoy new space and order. 

It will feel fresh and new.

 I have also been baking like mad too! 
Banana bread instead of bought muesli bars have been most welcomed
by the crew!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pomme De terre

Le Pomme de terre
The Potato
The Spud

 And where the hell would we be without this humble staple? 
Heck generations of women have raised whole families on them.  So cheap and yet so versatile.  Today I am going to share with you an age old recipe that Mr G and I have grown up on ( in our respective families) that took me through years of flatting and living on the smell of an  oily rag, through to lazy Sunday nights when we just don't want the mess but feel like something seriously yummy.

In my family it is known as potato pancakes, in Mr G's family called it Mock Fish ( WTF? I have no idea why that family does anything!) and in some fancy dancy places it may be known as a potato rosti.  Either way it is super cheap, super easy and super yummy! You might even have your own version that you have relied on for years.

Here is how I do it:

Take a few potatoes ( depends on how many of you there are) say about 4 big ones.
Big heaped tablespoon of plain flour, maybe a bit more ( scientific huh? )
1 egg
Oil to fry
Salt and Pepper

Peel and Grate the potatoes.
Squeeze the water out of the grated potato flesh ( they get pretty soggy)
Mix in the egg and then the plain flour. Season with salt and pepper.
Heat the oil in a fry pan.

Drop tablespoons of mixture into the heated oil, now don't have the 
heat up too high but not too low, you do want the potato to crisp up but also
you want the potato to be cooked! Raw potato bluk! 
Cook until golden on each side.
Serve up fast!
If you want to be posh you can add some speccie condiment and salad. Yummm.

Friday, October 11, 2013

A few happenings around here...

 I'll start with a little boasty, proud, look at my amazing kid, mummy moment.
This is kid #1 - he is 14.5years old and a really keen basketballer.
He is also a guy with big dreams and knowledge that he needs to fund them.
Recently, one Sunday morning he asked me could I drop him somewhere at 2pm.
Sure. Where?
I have enrolled in Referee Training. When it is finished I can ref for $15 a game pay.
I know this will require you to run me around a bit - but I would really appreciate it and 
I can earn my own pocket money.

I have friends with 18 and 19 year olds who "prefer" their kids not to get part time jobs 
and focus on their studies. These friends do EVERYTHING, fund EVERYTHING and often
feel ANGRY at their kids. Yet the situation remains.

I always planned on encouraging my kids to get part time work whilst at high school.
I think it is a good thing. I think it helps them learn about stretching themselves under pressure (life does that to you), develop their own work ethic and value their own money.

14.5 and he organises it himself! 
Very proud mummy.
Of course Mum's Taxi service has extra fares for a few more months!

 I am loving my new Turquoise Parrot whom I purchased online. I love online shopping
and do lots of my shopping online. I made a purchase with Domayne Online and 
in a few clicks spent a small fortune! I was so excited about it : Florence Broadhurst Line (ahhhh 
wetting my pants with excitement. a huge metal yellow flower for my wall and this fellow). 

Well what a disaster! 2 months and I still hadn't received my goods. 
Finally I was informed by bird and linen was in and I negotiated it to be sent to me. 
Ugh! The linen was a different pattern. So then I had to take it into the city for an exchange,
only to discover the pattern I did order was graphite and beige not white like it showed online.

I throw my hands in the air and cry UNCLE! I surrender and request a refund. 
They can't.
We actually are not the same as Domayne Online - we cannot refund you.
So  after 2.5 months later I get a refund.

I kept the bird. 
He looks good to me.
My family hate it!

Not all purchases have bee failures - although this was in a shop.
At the newsgents, I notice a box of craft mags priced at $2. 
I would usually walk past, cos we all know they are left overs from the 90's
and I am no longer interested in folk art or decoupage.

I have been looking for a pattern like this that goes up size 12 and when I 
have had luck, it has been download PDF and what I believe to be overpriced.
So I was super excited when I found one in this pile of mags for $2!!!! 
There is also about 6 other patterns I would also be keen to make.

Yeah, good buy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let the Christmas making commence!

Whether we like or not, Christmas is almost upon us.
We are over a month into Spring and Christmas items are appearing in the shops. Eeeek!

I am happy to say that I do have some gifties already purchased and I have just completed the first "hand madies". I love to give hand made items as Teachers gifts and they never fail to please and help the budget too.  Miss M's teacher is a real greenie - and Martha adores her commitment to living a sustainable lifestyle and how she passes her positive attitude onto her students. Miss M diligently ensures she takes a "rubbish free" lunch daily and is always on the look out for items to recycle. Mrs Kane has been a huge inspiration to my daughter. 

In previous years I have made bunting - which I still enjoy see decorating classrooms, crochet covered baubles, fabric flower brooches and yoyo necklaces - all have been received with delight. This of course delights the crafter / gifter!

This year I am making candle holders from simple recycled jam / pickle jars with crocheted covers. I have seen loads around the place and pinned a few patterns.  I got this pattern off Pinterest, and here they are! With a small tea light placed inside the jar and once lit, the lacey pattern throws a lovely glow.

Used with 4ply cotton from my stash that has been laying around for at least 4 years, jars that are recycled and tea lights that work out to be about 10 cents from a huge bag purchased from IKEA years ago - this achieves an almost a neutral cost!!! Even better!  

I am going to make a heap of these for presents and some for me too. The pattern was super simple and I made both of these in one evening. Simples!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Upload your photos, you lazy girl!

And finally I did.
There was over 100 photos!

So the next few posts are going to be a hotch potch and in no way suggesting any chronological order at all!

I will start with a bit of a Purple Haze aka the AFL Grand Final.  My lot were so very excited as their beloved Fremantle Dockers footy team got the Grand Final - the first time in their 19 year history. The Dockers play in purple, and when their fan base is assembled it is known as a "PURPLE HAZE" - the crowd is a sea of  purple and very loud!

This was our Purple Party

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day trip to Bendigo

 There comes a time when you just have to run away from the screens and 
hit the highway.

So we did.
We drove and we drove.
We stopped at Bendigo.
We ate at the worlds' worst, dearest and slowest cafe : Match.
We wandered beautiful gardens.
We wandered the streets and marvelled at the wonderful buildings built 
during the town's hey day in the gold rush.

We ran out of time and then drove home.
We spent a great day away from the screens.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Honouring Nature

Miss M came into me with tears in her eyes.
She had found a broken egg near our front steps. 
Initially she had thought it was our awful neighbours egging us and she felt mad.
Her anger soon turned to sadness when her older brother assessed the situation and ascertained that the situation had more to do with nature than neighbours.
He pointed out the egg had fallen from a nest that was made annually.
It was natural, it was nature.
The sadness of it all hit Miss M.
The mother bird, laying the egg, nesting the egg, keeping it warm in anticipation of a new chick.
Yet the forces of nature, the wind eluded her.
Her chick was never hatched.
Martha gathered a floral tribute and laid it out close to the nest.
Honouring the chick that never was, the mama who lost against nature.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Making Space for the new plans


I have plans.
Things to do....things that I should get on with, wanted to do ages ago.

But I haven't done them.

So what's stopping me?
Where's the blockage?

I actually can't answer that in definitive terms.

But it is Spring.  So I will start with my immediate environment and then I might be closer to the answer.

And that means: Decluttering time!!!
House Makeover time!!!!

So here is the deal for the next few days

1. Throw out 10 books - read or have sat there unread forever. Go! They must go!

2. Throw out 5 items of apparel - I have been doing this all year, but I have been buying stuff lately and I back to square one. Oops!

3. Throw out 20 things from the kitchen - surely, it is over flowing with stuff!

4. Get rid of some toys. I mean really get rid of some toys. I hang onto them because of the memories, the cost, denial they are getting older. OMG! Isn't that what those people say on the Hoarders TV show? Yikes!

5. Garden Shed - no holds bar, 40% must go. Heck I don't even know what is in there, so obviously we need it, not.

6. Craft room - nothing is sacred! 3 bags of crafting "stuff" - like I am really going to use it all. Damn blogging! I hang onto all sorts of crap with a mind to make and it NEVER happens! Culling is required here.

7. No Op Shopping for 6 months. Nope none.

So that will start for now. Do you go nuts in Spring? Do you feel an incredible urge to reinvent and declutter? Shed the Winter dust?

If you are, a great way to get started is to sign up for the The Organised Housewife's free newsletter. Every week you get emailed a task to do, her site is full of goodies, ideas and promotions. It is a decluttering goldmine. Do check it out.


Monday, September 9, 2013

The Time is Now

 So we are back from Bali and I feel so unbelievably rested as does Mr G. Around the second week it really hit me exactly how stressed and anxious I have been. By anxious I refer to my levels of environmental anxiety - not the episodes I have previously mentioned in blogs about mental health,  the level of anxiety that exits due to my daily life due to my commitments, obligations and the disappointments I have recently experienced from people whose unacceptable behaviour has impacted on my family and myself. Amazing how it stacks up, how we carry it unaware as to how heavy the burden really is.

It was quite incredible really, my realisation that is.  Finally, there I was without any obligation except to be a good tourist, ensure my kids did not do anything too risky and relax.  No meals to make, clients to see, schools to negotiate, .  No menacing neighbours making our home life miserable, no peak hour traffic, simply nothing to cause stress.  My only job was to just take in what the beautiful balmy paradise I was in, had to offer.

Bali is a funny place. Filled with palatial hotels, inhabited by people who live the humblest of lives, many would not be able to comprehend the opportunities that we in the burbs complain about.  Their Traffic situations  make the mind boggle but yet I saw no road rage.  Litter everywhere, but devoted adherence to faith - small offerings to their Gods laid out daily.  Lush and tropical, warm and welcoming.   So many people with so little, but always on the ready to ask questions or share information about themselves or their family and mostly always faithful and believing that it was all going to be good.

During my time lolling on the beach, or riding elephants, white water rafting or wandering sandy shores - I had lots of time to think and reflect.  I read books and hatched some plans, revised some old ideas. Why wasn't I doing these things, I wondered. Why? I am a perfectly capable person, I have overcome some pretty challenging times in the past and I have an amazing capacity to take things on. I have access to so much. So why was I settling for "almost or it's okay" level rather than  a "yeah baby!" level when I have all the resources at my finger tips?  Now I am not suggesting that I am some superior being or anything, but I am suggesting that I am being what could be described as "first world lazy". I need to get on with things!

 So now here I am home (finally my brain is shifting back into gear) and I am ready to start putting some plans into action.  The time is now.  Now I will be following some dreams, making some plans come into fruition and use the energy that is around me as fuel to propel forwards. I now know that I CAN switch off, shut the noise in my head down and just be.  I also know this is essential to renew so I can get on.  Finally, I get my potential as a human, like all those who inspire me, I am capable of amazing things too. Living in the first world is a privilege, one that I have decided not to take lightly any longer.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Writing lists like Pip

Pip Lincoln is one of my very favourite bloggers. Pip lives in Melbourne and over the years I have followed her blog, she has progressed into a very successful author of books and blogs...She does heaps of other stuff but you can go and visit her and see for yourself what she does.

Pip is wonderful, she is bright and peppy, always positive and reading her "stuff" makes me feel good and happy and motivated too. Pip inspires me and I usually leave her blog feeling like I have just left my favourite cafe where I regularly go and the proprietors know me and generously greet and wave me off.

Thanks Pip, for always being there on a cloudy day!

This day, Pip has shared a list to write. Here is my version.

Making : Not a lot of haste, enjoying a few days off

Cooking : Very plain, high protein meals because I am desperate to lose some weight

Drinking : Water and tea

Reading: Descant for Gossips by Thea Astley (1968 vintage book)

Wanting: Desperately to lose weight

Looking: Forward to our holiday in Bali

Playing:  Oh so shameful! Candy Crush

Wasting: Time playing Candy Crush

Sewing: A silver grey top

Wishing: I can motivate myself to exercise and push through the disappointment of trying so hard this year and not achieving any results

Enjoying: Watching Madmen

Waiting: For big things to start

Liking: The next 12 months has a firm direction and plenty of security

Wondering: Why there aren't better movies on TV. After all so many have been made.

Loving: That my good friend A and I spontaneously went out last Saturday night

Hoping: I will lose a kilogram this week

Marveling: That I wake up EVERY night (morn) at 3am grrrr

 Needing: To sleep - I am so tired

Smelling: Lovely apple scented candles

Wearing:  Lots of greys - well it is a change from black!

Following: Pip at Meet me at Mikes, always

Noticing: How relaxed everyone here is these days

Knowing: That it is all good

Thinking: How hard it must be to sleeping on the streets during the harsh winter elements

Feeling: That I should be doing better stuff for my community

Bookmarking: An actual tree book

Opening: An actual tree book

Giggling: With my kids at how lazy our dog is

Feeling: Anxious to go on a holiday

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boys germs no returns

I have been mother of a teenager for 2 years now, more specifically a teenage boy and I have another coming through the ranks real fast, due to arrive next year.  Lots is said about having a teenager in the house, I hear heaps of stories about smart mouthing, moodiness, door slamming, money draining and and the down right exhausting nature of living with the teenager - but most of that comes from my mum. 
Gaw! Could I really have been like that?  
Nooooo, she must be talking about my sister!

I am certainly no expert in teen wrangling, but I do recall having a really difficult and painful adolescence and there are many past experiences I would really prefer my kids not to have. I find myself intensely interested  to find out more about teens, their world  and how I can build / provide an environment that nurtures, protects and inspires my kids as they develop and grow into adults.  An environment that does not stifle individuality but promotes free thinking, strong values and resilience.

Around the bloggersphere there are heaps of mummy blogs all showcasing their beautiful babes and sweet lovely lives, recording precious times with their little ones, sharing ideas and exchanging info about products, kiddie craft, excellent ways to address the day to day challenges of motherhood. 

I know this because I see so many of these blogs, they continue to blossom and multiply, in fact I started blogging life as one of these mummies. But now time is marching on and my little 'uns are growing but the blogs that share ideas on teens and the nitty gritty views on bringing them up and surviving simultaneously seems limited in numbers.

I have been chatting with a few other bloggers, bloggers that started 5, 6, 7 years ago. I hear them all lamenting the same thing " what do I blog now the kiddies have grown?" Well I am suggesting there is still a truck load left to blog about, especially around this precious epoch of time.

Naturally, posts are going to be a bit different, perhaps with less photos of "first moments" - I think we can all agree few young blokes are going to pose for a shot of their " first shave" or a snap of some emerging whiskers!  And it just simply is not good form to sneak up and try get a "happy snap" of stolen kisses / snogs in the lounge room with the first girlfriend or boyfriend. Uncool mum, uncool.

But what does lay before us is blogging about our approach to the experience of facilitating a good, stable passage of our "babies" through the maze of adolescence.  What we have here, is a perfect forum to share ideas on managing the inevitable struggles of homework, curfews, hormones and proud moments. I believe it is quite possible to continue our blogging journeys and maintain our connections as mothers, sharing ideas on how to bring up young adults yet still maintain a functioning and successful family unit that still "plays" together.  

I am planning on getting some of these ideas rolling out in the coming months, I really hope that some of you join me and commence a new blogging dialogue and together we can identify other bloggers doing the same.

So in the meantime, I will share some of the things I have learned about teenage boys.

  •  They don't always smell
  • Some do actually use syllables 
  • I am never to break into dance EVER again when I am in Jay Jays ( hipster shop) when I hear "Pump up the Jam" - it just embarrasses everybody involved. There I have made this vow publicly
  • It IS all about them
  •  Breakfast cereal IS a food group of its own
  • It is really cool getting a hug from a young handsome man
  •  Teaching a teen relaxation techniques and self care as part of time management, is actually appreciated and considered helpful
  •  You need to let some cursing slide  - it is better for them to learn when and where is or is not appropriate for colourful language.

I'll keep you updated as I learn more, maybe you can add to the list?  I would love to hear from you.