Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Home Project : Spiffy up for Christmas

Two years ago you might recall me going on a "white" bender, when I painted sooooo much of our stuff and house white. Well the saga continues and I am still loving white!
My dining room chairs which are antique, where brown with an olive green "leatherette" kind of seat cover - when a previous owner must of given them a make over!

Well after two years the seat covers needed some more help thanks to grubby fingers belonging to my husband's progeny (they are his when they are grubby!)

Thanks to my previous career as a Visual Merchandiser (window dresser) I have recovered many things, so I am a dab hand with a staple gun - even the poor quality one that I currently own. Note to self : do not let Mr G aka Miser Meany buy the staple gun! 

In keeping with my challenge to "reduce the stash", I turned to a very large bolt of red and ivory ticking that I have had for many years - it just never seems to get smaller! 

And ta da! Within an hour I have all six chair seats recovered.

Very nice and fresh I think. 
Good job Miss Prudence, now on with the next job

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