Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss M

Beautiful daughter you are now nine.
How fine!

It feels so "yesterday" when I was carrying you in my arms, 
nibbling on your chubby arms and toes, 

How fast the years have flown!

And here you are on the December 1, a beautiful, bright
carefree girl. I love how you look, sound and laugh.
You were the final piece to our family puzzle and 
you bring sunshine to us every day.

So enjoy your rainbow pancakes and pink breakfast.
You have another big year ahead, you'll need your strength!

As you told me last week - Seven was heaven, Eight was great
and Nine will be fine!
Happy Birthday Moo Moo, my little Ladybird,
your mummy loves you to the moon and back!


Bron said...

Happy Birthday Miss sure looks mighty fine. xx

Just Martha said...

Happy birthday sweet girl. May the year be filled with health, happiness, love and joy. Nine is just fine! Congratulations.

Catherine said...

Happy birthday big nine:) What a beautiful poem for a beautiful girl. Love the look of that pink breakfast. xx