Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas in the making!

Crochet granny covered baubles for teachers gifts

Craftapalooza happening on the dining table!
No eating here folks!

One of the many Christmas skirts I have been making using Anna Maria Horner's
"Bo Peep" pattern.

Yep! Another pillowcase dress, this wee one is for 
my friend's grandaughter (how can one of my lifetime friends be a Grandmother, sheeeesh!!?) 


JuRita said...

Love seeing all your christmas cheer! I am encourage to bless my daughter like you did on their bdays! :)
Merry Christmas from rainy cold Oregon!

TACIStudio said...

So cute... I'm Alos furioslbworkingbon teachers gifts. Have to finish by Wednesday. Love the Christmas bubbles. Merry Christmas !

Bron said...

Great crafting...the grandmother thing will happen to the best of us one day!!!

Catherine said...

You are so clever crocheting up those baubles, what a lovely gift idea for the teachers they are going to love them. One of my friends is a step Grandma. When she first told me I didn't know it was possible we're still too young aren't we? Time does fly though, they all grow too quickly for my liking. Enjoy your week lovely. xx