Friday, November 16, 2012

Sewing, sewing, sewing!!

I haven't been sewing for ages. Recently I dug out my overlocker and the very, very basic Singer sewing machine I bought for Martha to play on as my beloved old Janome has been put out to pasture after 20 years of faithful service.  

I didn't really want to, but I have some things to sew for Miss M's upcoming "Pink" birthday party. So I have made an array of pretty pink things and then I looked at my stash.  There is was, bursting out of containers and shelves and I asked myself this very important question that every crafter needs to ask oneself "are you a sewer or a collector of fabric?" 

Good question! So I have decided to be a sewer not a fabric collector and I am sewing. I found some gorgeous fruity prints "waiting for something special" - well it is special time! 
I knocked up a pretty sundress for Miss M using the tried and true "pillow case" style my nan used to make me and her mum used to make her and her sisters to go to the beach in the 1920's. This year's version is spectacular! I added a big frill on the bottom and voila! Gorgeous dress! In fact I have dug out some more fabric to make 2 more like this for upcoming birthdays....Pictures to come of this.

Then I found some lovely navy fabric emblazoned with cherries and blossoms, I found a pattern and made this little button through peasant style frock.  Now with some lovely vintage styled patterned voile I  am making Miss M some lovely cool PJ's - oh I can't stop!!

My camera is out of charge so I will leave you with this pic from my IPhone of the cherry dress - sorry about the quality : )


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

I've had one of those 'sewer vs collector' moments myself, recently ;-). Love Miss M's dress and modelling. Such a sweet style, but easily funked up too. Happy sewing xx

Bron said...

You go sewer girl....I sometimes boarder on being a fabric collector too...much more fun to sew though. the dresses are lovely. xx

hester said...

I'm impressed! I am still at the pillowcase and lazy dayz skirts stage of clothes sewing. Quilts are much easier.And what could be nicer for summer than a cherry dress?

Sally said...

Yes. I have been asking myself this very question ... fabric collector or sewer. I am trying to bust the stash... but the stash just seems to keep growning!!! Oops.
Love love love the cherry dress, and what a delightful model. She certainly loves it too!

(ooo... and I just read that above comment... I've never sewn a quilt because they seem so much scarier than clothes... all that accurate cutting and sewing in neat straight lines - freaky!)