Friday, November 30, 2012

Sew more of the stash has gone!

Every year I make some of these "pillowcase" dresses, my mum 
loves them as my Nan made them for all of the kids in our family and Nan's mum 
used to make them for her too to go to the beach in (this always makes me smile and 
think of the blog I once read warning reader "never to copy HER design" - it was a 
pillowcase dress! That is like saying you invented the drawstring bag!") 
Anyhow, this year's model is a wee bit more speccie as I have added a swishy big 
frill!!  This one is for Miss M.

Here is Miss M in her new PJ's made from some lovely 
voile I had in the stash. 

Again I added a frill - I am just ruffle crazy at the moment!
Time to invest in a ruffle foot methinks!

The cheapo basic Singer machine is doing ok! 
2013 I think will see me install a newbie though and 
now I just can't imagine sewing without using an 

Here is Miss Smiley, clearly not into modelling that day!


Bron said...

Those PJ's are so sweet.....a new machine would be a are sewing up a storm so I think you must deserve one. xx

Teegan said...

Love those PJ's! Made some for my girls recently, but nothing as cute as that, just plain pants to match a target singlet. I have also read that warning on a blog and was a bit confused. Both my machine and overlocker are getting fixed at the moment and I'm really missing them this close to Christmas. With all this sewing you should get a new machine!

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited here in forever. These handmade items you are making are gorgeous! Makes me want to sew again!