Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sew finally!

Good evening and happy Melbourne Cup! Did your gi gi come in? 
No mine didn't either  - Mr G puts $1 dollar on a horse every year for each of 
us - that is a King's ransom of $5 a year frittered away on horse racing tsk tsk!

Anyway, instead of glamming up and going to the races or having our own party for 
Melbourne cup - Miss M and I got productive!

Miss M is having a "Pink" party for her 9th Birthday, she opted for a home 
party because " I like your parties best Mummy"...awwww, so sweet.
Miss M made these gorgeous cupcake toppers all by herself.
We downloaded some vintage images of little girls' faces, printed them off,
punched out scalloped pink shapes and the faces, assemble with toothpick and voila! 
Miss M did them all by herself which made her feel very good about her skills.
ahh another generation of crafters in the family!

I am a bit nutty about the party bags - I have to theme it down to the last lolly!
These fabric roses are actually hair ties and will go in the bags.

There will be more goodies to be shown including a dress I made today!!
Yes! I am finally sewing again! But you will have to wait until my next post to see it!
Have a lovely week lovelies 

xxxMiss P


Miss Vik said...

Mother daughter craft time, my favourite. Those cake toppers are the cutest, loving the vintage prints.

Miss Muggins said...

Those cup cake toppers are gorgeous! I am so glad that the home party is still in favour! I do so love a co-ordinated lolly bag too.
My gee gee came in second, but Miss A cleaned up with a win, scoring 150 big ones for a 10 dollar investment!

Catherine said...

What a clever crafter you have there, you have taught her well. It's lovely to know that there is another generation of crafters out there. Miss 8 had a pink party a couple of years ago it was lots of fun choosing foods to eat, it looked oh so pretty. I can't wait to see the dress you created. xx

Bron said...

OOOh you have been busy....looks like you are well on your way to a very fun celebration xx