Thursday, November 1, 2012

Once upon a vintage tea towel

there was a Spring time cushion
 just dying to get out from that flat old vintage tea towel

And one day a keen crafter made it happen!
Oh how lovely that cushion looked.
The tea towel scraps on the table looked at the cushion wistfully and sighed.
"Oh how we wish we could be a cushion too"

Well the keen crafter heard the scraps plea and being the compassionate 
crafter that she was, pulled out something special from her stash of fabrics
and turned the tea towel scraps into another cushion!

Oh thank you Miss Prudence the scraps who were no longer scraps on a table, but 
also a lovely Spring time cushion, cried. 
Together they all lived on the couch happily and brightly.


Bron said...

So so clever...great way to bring new life into something oldish. xxx

gardenglut said...

Oh these are lovely! Well done.