Monday, October 15, 2012

Bogtober : Day15 ...The day has come

The day has finally come. My dear dear Janome, the machine I bought 20 years ago, the year I got married (because I was an Army wife and was told that I would need to know how to sew curtains due to the constant moving - it was true!). Well, Janome has given up the ghost. Now I need to buy a new machine. SO I put it out to you dear bloggers...What machine would you advise? Brother? Janome? Singer? Elna? I don't want to spend more than $500.00 Australian. I am not a master seamstress, but I do plan to continue growing and developing my skills. So what do you think?


Miss Muggins said...

Oh no!
I am too dreading this moment. I have had my trusty Janome MyStyle 30 for over 25 years. At the moment it refuses to go backwards, so I am wondering if this is the beginning of the end?????
I don't know what to recommend...but when you find a good one - let me know!
Good luck xx

Mummyzilla said...

I love my Bernina, but it is about 50 years old, so probably not a great recommendation :-).

Leonie said...

If you can get an old Bernina, grab it with both hands and never let it go.
I bought my baby second hand in 1989, and have never regreted it. (And will never part with it).

'Joyce' said...

I too would love to know others thoughts.

Larissa said...

This happened to me too recently - my lovely Viking machine of over 20years died and I was bereft until I found the Singer 160! I liked it because it's pretty, but also because it's slightly computerized with some snazzy stitches, but it's not too complicated. There's lots about it on Google if you want to have a look :) Good luck in the search.