Friday, October 5, 2012

Octoberfest :Day 5. School Holidays

You have to agree that the whining that comes with school hols is tedious to say the least. 
I'm bored
Find me a play date 
He / she is annoying me
I'm bored

and don't you get sick of our responses
Get off the computer / xbox
Go outside 
Use your imagination
Stop fighting
When I was your age.....

Well, yesterday I had a dream come true.

I came home from work and discovered that my kids 
had been ejected from the house by Mr G "go play in the bloody park and 
let me do some work" ( Mr G is working from home and actually has a pretty 
intense job, so he is pretty good to try and do it from home).

Then they arrived back later with treasure and a plan!

They had found an old tyre abandoned by the river, wheeled all the way home

And made a tyre swing all by themselves, complete with using clover hitch knots learnt in Scouts!! Apparently it was a bit uncomfy but with a little designed innovation using the old sheepskin pram liner, voila! Comfy and fun!

So with the dog and rabbit cruising around the backyard and kids making and playing

I looked out on my yard and felt we were living the suburban dream and it didn't include 
electronic devices, so rife with imagination, upcycling and co-operation! So nice for a day.


Rachelle said...

I know what you mean on the electronic devices! Both boys here are addicted and would be on them all day if I'd let them. I have a rule though, none in the morning despite it being holidays and the afternoon only happens if they've helped me and been good in the morning. They also get biffed outside at afternoon teatime for some exercise.

TACIStudio said...

Love that!,,,,

Bron said...

WooHoo that is what the perfect childhood looks like.....we are away at the moment and we are using some technology to make sure WE all have a nice time.....well done MR G. xx

Karen said...

I hear you!! What a fabulous project for them to undertake, I love everything about it, that they found the tyre, came up with the idea and then executed it.
I've not been by for a while, I missed the trip!! Will be back to read over and find it how it was.