Monday, October 1, 2012

Good Morning Blogtober!!!! Day 1

Wow, Blogtober already? Usually I am panicking about subject matter for 31 consecutive days, but as you know lil' ol' .Miss Prudence just swanned off to London and Paris for 10 days, so I think I might just cover it. Don't worry it won't just all be about Paris - I am planning other things here we go!

So there we were in Hyde Park and suddenly I spied a Squirrel!!!! I had never seen a squirrel. With great excitement I chased him determined to get a pic.

 Actually running - let me tell you that little sucker could move, and move he did up a tree like a flash! As I sprinted after him, it occurred to me that I was just like one of those kooky tourists we see going nuts over kangaroos! Mr G teased me relentlessly about it. I deserved it.

 Mr G - he is incredibly photogenic, but his photography skills are appalling as the next few photos will show.

Yes, here I am knitting out the front of Buckingham Palace! Right under Queen Victoria.
You can't really tell though, Mr G doesn't get "zoom lens!"

 This statue was on the other side of Queen Victoria. A breast feeding woman. Yup, in plain view of the world. The is another statue of a breast feeding woman in Westminster Abbey too. It made me wonder what has been all the fuss these past decades of breast feeding in public.

Do I need to say more? Yum. 

Well that is my first instalment for Blogtober. What a busy month : Blogtober, Oct-sober (when we swear of the grog for a month in the name of influencing National drinking attitudes - you see Australia is a nation of boozers and it is becoming a BIG problem here. ) I will see you all tomorrow!


Leonie said...

Fantastic pics! Love them all. Looking forward to following your fabulous trip for the next month.

TACIStudio said...

Love to see you knitting while traveling ( I always feel like I'm a crazy one bcz I knit everywhere we go) ... Fun trip !

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Wow, what a fantastic collection of photos! Hmmmm... I wonder what Queen Vic would have made of all those statues of breastfeeding women? I reckon she would have loved your knitting tho.
Thanks so much for diving in to Blogtoberfest12.
Kat xx

Carolyn said...

Funny I never noticed those breast-feeding statues when I was there. Bet Queen Vic would not be amused! London is wonderful isn't it!

Bron said...

I am loving seeing it all through your photos...glad you had some taken of you.
Fascinating what you notice when you take the time. x

Celia said...

Great post. Love the photos and looking forward to Paris!

hester said...

Hello Miss Prudence. Lucky you! Can't wait to see more and loved the breastfeeding photos (as a mum who fed both bubbas for three years).

sister outlaws said...

London! Paris! Swanning about! Knitting on the steps of Buckingham Palace. Really, Miss Prudence, now who is inciting jealousy. Those statues are magnificent.