Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11 : Blogtoberfest - Vic gallery

On the weekend Mr G and I took the kids to see the Napoleon Exhibition at the Victorian Gallery.
You would think we would of had enough of art galleries after Paris - it turned out we did.

But the kids enjoy going into the City and seeing galleries and one thing
that I love about Vic Gallery is 

The water wall

And when you get tired how you can take a little lie down

Under the pretty glass ceiling

Not Notre Damme but Melbourne, and we love this quirky aspect of our Gallery


Carolyn said...

It's a great gallery. I have to confess I lived for a while in Melbourne back in the 70s and didn't actually go there until I made a return visit in 2008. Shame on me!

sister outlaws said...

I remember laying on the floor at the gallery and being mesmerised by that ceiling! I was lucky enough to grow up living near Leonard French. He was wonderfully generous.