Saturday, October 27, 2012

Changes of my life inspired by Napoleon

Yes, I know that you have seen this pic recently. It was my lunch after the feet were killing me and my head was reeling with how outstanding France was as was this amazing yet simple dish, I am still thinking about this dish. But something else was happening. 
I was, I knew at that moment becoming obsessed with Napoleon.

I had just seen his apartments, I had read bits and pieces about him and seen that magnificent painting of "Liberty Leading the People", people rave about the Mona Lisa, but let's face it, Mona is not French.
When we were at the Arc de Triomphe and Mr G painted this wonderful picture in my mind of imagining Napoleon leading his troops through the arch, high on his white steed, red lined cloak, the French people cheering, small girls waving ribbons in the air - joyous.  Wow! This guy was amazing.
He led, was hated, was ridiculed and was triumphant. He was short, he wasn't even good looking - he didn't really belong - but he believed in himself and by God look where it got him!

Anyways, the point of this post is that this trip to Paris changed my life.
I have returned realising that being "me" is excellent, but I am not being true to myself.
The real me, is much more consistent, achieves better and frankly isn't so lazy. There is lots to me and I just not utilising the resources.

I feel like I have been put back in contact with myself...Yes it sounds cheesy, I get that. But I feel so
energised and focussed. Each day I am feeling more focussed and directed by my values and goals.
I am clearer on my goals.
Napoleon was not French, no no he was Corsican. But he became French and ultimately one of the most important figure heads in French history.
Now I am not setting my sites on Emperial rule, or the lodge - but I am seeing that the "blocks" I have always perceived to be immovable, are actually quite the opposite.   I find myself setting and achieving some goals now. Now, not "in not too distant future" but NOW.  I am becoming the better me.
I am loving life. I am not dwelling that it tool me DECADES to get it together, I am grateful that I
have a grip on what I want and can be today.

Things will change in days coming, and I will deal with those changes, the unexpected then, but today was about living the life out of today!!!

Today needed me to go hard and get stuff done so more stuff could be done tomorrow. Tomorrow will be gentler, yet more stuff will be done.

Viva la life
We need to be so, ever so



danasparkle said...

As Napoleon would have said " Vous et triomphateur!" I say "you go girl!". I celebrate your wonderful journey & insights. *

hester said...

I LOVED this post! Well done, you! Life is rich so let's suck it all up. So glad you have got back in touch with the real you.

Bron said...

So great to read...holidays are good for lots of of them being refocusing and spurring us on to make some changes in what seemed like the only way to do it.

Yay for Napoleon!!!

Just Martha said...

I love this post and the inspiration created. Paris is surely wonderful. Hello to you. This has inspired me to seize the day and cram it all in.