Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 9 : Have I told you about my mega boy?

Our kid #1 is a bit of start this year. Over the  years I have shared with
you some of Angus' trials and difficulties he had in Primary school and our 
fears and concerns of what his first year in high school would bring well,
so far so EXCELLENT!
His teachers report their fondness for him and he seems to be doing well, in fact 
he brought home an A+ for a geography assignment yesterday!!! Mr G, a Geography major 
himself was over the moon.

Then his footy team arrived at the Grand Final and 

 They are the Bears so I dressed appropriately to show my support.

Then his beloved Basketball team arrived at the Grand Finals

And won that too!!

They are the Hawks - and I couldn't find a Hawk hat and the team
had already adopted the Coach's cute baby.

Well Ango it seems it is your year!


Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

Isn't it lovely when it all starts slotting into place? My No1 was the same, now 2nd year at High School and such a turn around!
Your boy looks very happy, well done to him!
Sandra x

'Joyce' said...

oh Miss Prudence I can feel your love and pride from here, how wonderful for you and your mega boy. It's good to know they are doing so well and doing what they love. All the best for the rest of the term for your young man. Two thumbs up from here!!

Bron said...

That is certainly alot to celebrate...well done and yay for mummas that love a little fun in the name of encouraging their kids,. xx