Monday, October 8, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 8 : Yay they are back at school

It's Monday, more specifically it is the Monday that marks commencement of Term 4!!!
Oooh Term 4 -that'll fly by too - scary.
But it means that I now I work 3 days a week again - I have 2 days to get stuff done in peace.

Today I will be meeting my lovely friend Kate for lunch and a pedicure - doesn't that sound like 
two posh old bags lunching together? Well we are going to be posh old bags today!

Of course this isn't a patch on having lunch down the street from the Pantheon in Paris, did I
mention that I went there a fortnight ago? Oh I did....

Pretty much I had nicoise salad every day, each cafe had a slightly different version, this one had rice not potatoes. MMMMM

Every meal came with a basket of wonderful bread -Mr G a self confessed breadaholic 
ate his body weight in bread and showed no remorse, he also tried lots more things on the menu.

Finally, if you are a Melbourne crafter, this market is on in Northcote
I will be patronising it and I hope I meet some bloggy friends there too!
Gosh I hope Basketball finishes soon enough for me to get there with time to 

Happy Day Bloggers xxx

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Bron said...

Enjoy your lovely planned day...we have one more week left of school holidays but sadly mine are finished so back to my 3 days a week too.

Oh the joys of a working mum. xx