Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 7 : Paris but no craft

Sorry bloggers, no craft yet - I was hi jacked with other's "needs" - not to be confused with wants and demands, which prevented me from even thinking about making something. So that means more Paris folks!
So of course when you think of Paris you think of Art, the Mona Lisa especially and she lives in the Lourve. 
The Lourve is one MASSIVE gallery. We spent hours there and still have more to do, so of 
that means I will need to go back to Paris!!

Truly, the building itself was breath taking - originally a palace and then home to Napoleon, incidently 
his digs were pretty OTT - just amazing.  Statues, statues EVERYWHERE, on buildings, in buildings, they were buildings!  Breathtaking and overwhelming.

The first area we wandered through was the area that contained many of the priceless statues. It is just amazing how detailed the work is and how gifted the sculptors, many of whom never will get credit for their work, were.  Also how narrative many of the statues were, some with complete stories, some were the actual symbol or main character - none the less the narrative intended successful.

 Here are the famous 3 graces

 And here are the famous 4 Graces, well 4 when Miss Prudence is standing 
her home girls! (Lordy that was Mum humour wasn't it!!!)

Here is the infamous Venus Di Milo  - she had quite a crowd around her, as
did Cupid. I am not sure if she was any more beautiful that other statues around her, 
but she certainly was the "popular girl"

I though this guy was rather handsome, probably Venus' jock boyfriend.

I loved this gal, her stance saying "really?" Mr G thought it was hilarious stating
it should be called Miss Prudence because that is my stance...Gotta admit, after 
several rooms of statues you begin to lose interest a bit. 


Little Gumnut said...

Oh wow, Paris!! Sounds fabulous!

Catherine said...

It all looks so beautiful. I would love to go and visit somewhere with all of that history, and the architecture of those buildings just amazing. Lucky girl you will definitely have to go back:) x