Friday, October 12, 2012

Blogtoberfest : Day 12 ...Food

Good Morning Bloggers xx
Well Day 12 and I haven't missed a day in the Fest!
Of course it helps that I have a truck load of photos from Paris and sorry 
about this folks today won't be any different!

Although, the School Fete looms close and I have 
some plans to make some nice bits and bobs for some
of the stalls. Lots of ideas - thank you Pinterest!

So breakfast in Paris, of course occurs at a Cafe and we certainly 
obeyed!  We all LOVE this jam and buy it in Australia - ALWAYS.
But look!
Tiny jars of of it!
And the waiters were lovely enough to let me being the ones I didn't use up!

Sugar even looks better in Paris

Hmmm, creme caffe. That would be Latte in our terms love! - but I can tell you
I got a very blank look the first time I asked for a "skinny milk latte" without thinking!
The wait looked puzzled, then - light bulb! Ahhhh Creme cafe! And off he went if a flash.
It tasted soooo good but I am pretty sure skim milk didn't exist within it! : )

Lunch. This was such simple fare but I nearly died eating this 
fish / mashed potato dish. Perfect small portion and crisp salad with a simple dressing.

Mr G went for this, ate it and then I spent my time shielding him off with extra bread 
in order to protect my own lunch. Boundaries with Mr G don't exist when he is hungry!

A small carafe of Chablis aided reading the map and plotting out
out next leg of the afternoons' adventure. I drank LOTS of Chablis in Paris
because I love Chablis  and we just don't seem to have much of it 
over here in Australia.

Then it was dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!
I - had-my-FIRST-creme brûlée!!!!!
Look at Mr G's hand in this photo.
Note the phoney "I am just happy to wait" ruse?
No way mate!
I hadn't watched Amelie so many times to be the person to 
not crack that toffee!

And I did crack it! And yes that experience is addictive.

Finally French chockies for my work buddies who were back home tirelessly 
assessing Aged and Disabled people and linking them with services to make 
their lives better and keep them independent - stars aren't they ?


CurlyPops said...

Sugar even sounds better in french! Sucre

'Joyce' said...

awwwww you making me hungry! lol how divine!

monkeemoomoo said...

Yum, Yum, Yum.

I'm visiting for the first time from blogtoberfest:) And am loving your Paris tales.

I can't believe you have never tried creme brulee! (my favourite dessert) But I guess if you have to try it for the first time somewhere, it should be Paris. It looks like it tasted like heaven!