Saturday, October 27, 2012

Changes of my life inspired by Napoleon

Yes, I know that you have seen this pic recently. It was my lunch after the feet were killing me and my head was reeling with how outstanding France was as was this amazing yet simple dish, I am still thinking about this dish. But something else was happening. 
I was, I knew at that moment becoming obsessed with Napoleon.

I had just seen his apartments, I had read bits and pieces about him and seen that magnificent painting of "Liberty Leading the People", people rave about the Mona Lisa, but let's face it, Mona is not French.
When we were at the Arc de Triomphe and Mr G painted this wonderful picture in my mind of imagining Napoleon leading his troops through the arch, high on his white steed, red lined cloak, the French people cheering, small girls waving ribbons in the air - joyous.  Wow! This guy was amazing.
He led, was hated, was ridiculed and was triumphant. He was short, he wasn't even good looking - he didn't really belong - but he believed in himself and by God look where it got him!

Anyways, the point of this post is that this trip to Paris changed my life.
I have returned realising that being "me" is excellent, but I am not being true to myself.
The real me, is much more consistent, achieves better and frankly isn't so lazy. There is lots to me and I just not utilising the resources.

I feel like I have been put back in contact with myself...Yes it sounds cheesy, I get that. But I feel so
energised and focussed. Each day I am feeling more focussed and directed by my values and goals.
I am clearer on my goals.
Napoleon was not French, no no he was Corsican. But he became French and ultimately one of the most important figure heads in French history.
Now I am not setting my sites on Emperial rule, or the lodge - but I am seeing that the "blocks" I have always perceived to be immovable, are actually quite the opposite.   I find myself setting and achieving some goals now. Now, not "in not too distant future" but NOW.  I am becoming the better me.
I am loving life. I am not dwelling that it tool me DECADES to get it together, I am grateful that I
have a grip on what I want and can be today.

Things will change in days coming, and I will deal with those changes, the unexpected then, but today was about living the life out of today!!!

Today needed me to go hard and get stuff done so more stuff could be done tomorrow. Tomorrow will be gentler, yet more stuff will be done.

Viva la life
We need to be so, ever so


Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogtoberfest : delayed reaction

So my intent to blog daily during this blogging festival we call Blogtoberfest has been undone - damn you life for getting in the way!   Here is a little of what has been going on

rediscovering my Grandfather's speciality : bubble and squeak for breakfast.
Best way to used left overs from a roast ANY day

My mum is staying with us for Christmas, she is the most nostalgic person I know, me aside.
So I am planning a very vintage theme this year. I got these cute cake toppers from Lark.

Planning a "Pink" birthday party for Miss M - she has ordered a 
"Dashing Magician" for the entertainment.  More Lark shopping!

Super cute vintage fabric for christmas bunting gifts

One negative about my new job - the Elk shop is around the corner.
Elk will bankrupt us.
*sigh* Elk....mmmmm.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bogtober : Day15 ...The day has come

The day has finally come. My dear dear Janome, the machine I bought 20 years ago, the year I got married (because I was an Army wife and was told that I would need to know how to sew curtains due to the constant moving - it was true!). Well, Janome has given up the ghost. Now I need to buy a new machine. SO I put it out to you dear bloggers...What machine would you advise? Brother? Janome? Singer? Elna? I don't want to spend more than $500.00 Australian. I am not a master seamstress, but I do plan to continue growing and developing my skills. So what do you think?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Blogtoberfest : Day 12 ...Food

Good Morning Bloggers xx
Well Day 12 and I haven't missed a day in the Fest!
Of course it helps that I have a truck load of photos from Paris and sorry 
about this folks today won't be any different!

Although, the School Fete looms close and I have 
some plans to make some nice bits and bobs for some
of the stalls. Lots of ideas - thank you Pinterest!

So breakfast in Paris, of course occurs at a Cafe and we certainly 
obeyed!  We all LOVE this jam and buy it in Australia - ALWAYS.
But look!
Tiny jars of of it!
And the waiters were lovely enough to let me being the ones I didn't use up!

Sugar even looks better in Paris

Hmmm, creme caffe. That would be Latte in our terms love! - but I can tell you
I got a very blank look the first time I asked for a "skinny milk latte" without thinking!
The wait looked puzzled, then - light bulb! Ahhhh Creme cafe! And off he went if a flash.
It tasted soooo good but I am pretty sure skim milk didn't exist within it! : )

Lunch. This was such simple fare but I nearly died eating this 
fish / mashed potato dish. Perfect small portion and crisp salad with a simple dressing.

Mr G went for this, ate it and then I spent my time shielding him off with extra bread 
in order to protect my own lunch. Boundaries with Mr G don't exist when he is hungry!

A small carafe of Chablis aided reading the map and plotting out
out next leg of the afternoons' adventure. I drank LOTS of Chablis in Paris
because I love Chablis  and we just don't seem to have much of it 
over here in Australia.

Then it was dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!
I - had-my-FIRST-creme brûlée!!!!!
Look at Mr G's hand in this photo.
Note the phoney "I am just happy to wait" ruse?
No way mate!
I hadn't watched Amelie so many times to be the person to 
not crack that toffee!

And I did crack it! And yes that experience is addictive.

Finally French chockies for my work buddies who were back home tirelessly 
assessing Aged and Disabled people and linking them with services to make 
their lives better and keep them independent - stars aren't they ?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11 : Blogtoberfest - Vic gallery

On the weekend Mr G and I took the kids to see the Napoleon Exhibition at the Victorian Gallery.
You would think we would of had enough of art galleries after Paris - it turned out we did.

But the kids enjoy going into the City and seeing galleries and one thing
that I love about Vic Gallery is 

The water wall

And when you get tired how you can take a little lie down

Under the pretty glass ceiling

Not Notre Damme but Melbourne, and we love this quirky aspect of our Gallery

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blogtoberfest : Day 10 A new Plan

Source: via Lynda on Pinterest

I bought this book on Mr G's Kindle last night. I felt like I need to make some changes but I just can't seem to stick to anything or get anything going. I love how it is one change a week. Today I start Week One : address my water intake, which is generally good most of the time, but could be better. The book spans 52 weeks, so I guess you will see a bit of this book for quite a while! Happy Days bloggers, off to have a glass of water!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 9 : Have I told you about my mega boy?

Our kid #1 is a bit of start this year. Over the  years I have shared with
you some of Angus' trials and difficulties he had in Primary school and our 
fears and concerns of what his first year in high school would bring well,
so far so EXCELLENT!
His teachers report their fondness for him and he seems to be doing well, in fact 
he brought home an A+ for a geography assignment yesterday!!! Mr G, a Geography major 
himself was over the moon.

Then his footy team arrived at the Grand Final and 

 They are the Bears so I dressed appropriately to show my support.

Then his beloved Basketball team arrived at the Grand Finals

And won that too!!

They are the Hawks - and I couldn't find a Hawk hat and the team
had already adopted the Coach's cute baby.

Well Ango it seems it is your year!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 8 : Yay they are back at school

It's Monday, more specifically it is the Monday that marks commencement of Term 4!!!
Oooh Term 4 -that'll fly by too - scary.
But it means that I now I work 3 days a week again - I have 2 days to get stuff done in peace.

Today I will be meeting my lovely friend Kate for lunch and a pedicure - doesn't that sound like 
two posh old bags lunching together? Well we are going to be posh old bags today!

Of course this isn't a patch on having lunch down the street from the Pantheon in Paris, did I
mention that I went there a fortnight ago? Oh I did....

Pretty much I had nicoise salad every day, each cafe had a slightly different version, this one had rice not potatoes. MMMMM

Every meal came with a basket of wonderful bread -Mr G a self confessed breadaholic 
ate his body weight in bread and showed no remorse, he also tried lots more things on the menu.

Finally, if you are a Melbourne crafter, this market is on in Northcote
I will be patronising it and I hope I meet some bloggy friends there too!
Gosh I hope Basketball finishes soon enough for me to get there with time to 

Happy Day Bloggers xxx

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 7 : Paris but no craft

Sorry bloggers, no craft yet - I was hi jacked with other's "needs" - not to be confused with wants and demands, which prevented me from even thinking about making something. So that means more Paris folks!
So of course when you think of Paris you think of Art, the Mona Lisa especially and she lives in the Lourve. 
The Lourve is one MASSIVE gallery. We spent hours there and still have more to do, so of 
that means I will need to go back to Paris!!

Truly, the building itself was breath taking - originally a palace and then home to Napoleon, incidently 
his digs were pretty OTT - just amazing.  Statues, statues EVERYWHERE, on buildings, in buildings, they were buildings!  Breathtaking and overwhelming.

The first area we wandered through was the area that contained many of the priceless statues. It is just amazing how detailed the work is and how gifted the sculptors, many of whom never will get credit for their work, were.  Also how narrative many of the statues were, some with complete stories, some were the actual symbol or main character - none the less the narrative intended successful.

 Here are the famous 3 graces

 And here are the famous 4 Graces, well 4 when Miss Prudence is standing 
her home girls! (Lordy that was Mum humour wasn't it!!!)

Here is the infamous Venus Di Milo  - she had quite a crowd around her, as
did Cupid. I am not sure if she was any more beautiful that other statues around her, 
but she certainly was the "popular girl"

I though this guy was rather handsome, probably Venus' jock boyfriend.

I loved this gal, her stance saying "really?" Mr G thought it was hilarious stating
it should be called Miss Prudence because that is my stance...Gotta admit, after 
several rooms of statues you begin to lose interest a bit.